5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

The Opera Touch is designed for use on the go. It features an award-winning, fast web search interface and is your Opera computer browser’s best companion. Opera Touch’s new user interface has been awarded the 2018 prestigious Red Dot Communication Design Competition.

1) Unique Design

Opera Touch is designed to let you navigate the web with only one side, unlike other mobile browsers. On your browser screen, the Fast Action Button is always available and gives you direct access to Instant Search. To get to recent tabs and browser navigation, you can also swipe the button up.

You can either select regular controls in Opera Touch, or try something even better and navigate the web with our special Quick Action Press. The Button for Quick Action. It hovers right under your thumb, allowing you to switch between recent tabs and access the search feature easily. As the name suggests, the Fast Action Button is so fabulous that it also lets you open and close tabs easily.

5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

2) Send files with Flow

You can now share links and notes with yourself via Flow, and they will be seen instantly by your other Flow-enabled devices. This means that on all your computers, you can instantly access the information you share with yourself. The best part is that Flow is encrypted, private, and saved for yourself only. You can connect to your Flow with several iPhones, Android phones, or computers (Mac, Windows, and Linux).

5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

Flow is simple to set up process: use Opera Touch to search the QR code shown in the Opera browser on your screen. This single move establishes an encrypted chat between you and you so that you can always exchange notes, files, links, and photos with yourself, always holding them at hand. The three most recent tabs from your desktop window will also be seen in Touch.

To achieve smooth web browsing through your computers, use Opera Touch with your Opera computer browser. Only open the Opera browser on your device and use the Opera Touch to search the QR code. No login required, passwords or accounts required.

5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

3) Instant Search

In Opera Touch, the first thing you can note is that the browser starts in search mode, ready to find stuff on the web instantly. The keyboard is up when you start the browser and the address bar cursor is blinking, so before browsing, you don’t have to make any extra moves or clicks. Usually, you just want to quickly look for something and move on with your life, or you might want your other hand to hold that ice cream.

5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

You don’t even have to type in Opera Touch to browse the internet. To perform your search, you can also use the voice feature or scan a QR or barcode. It’s a helpful feature when, for example, you see a product in a shop and want to check ratings, tutorials, or prices online instantly.

4) No more annoying cookie dialogs

Before showing you the content you are really interested in, more and more websites are introducing cookie dialogues that need your approval. To fix this issue, we’ve integrated a cookie dialogue blocker into Opera Contact. Also known as Cookie Monster, the cookie dialogue blocker prevents the irritating cookie dialogue warnings that appear on almost any website.

To enable, go to the browser settings (three dots in the top-right corner of your browser), and switch on Block Cookie dialogues, bringing back the joy of annoyance-free browsing.

5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

5) Crypto Wallet, and Web3 access

Opera Touch, with its ergonomic design and innovative style, has received two of the most coveted design awards in the world: the Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award. Opera Touch is Web3-ready, so you can start using the blockchain-based web of the future by browsing Web3. You can start with Unstoppable domains by trying it out. Opera Touch is also fitted with a built-in Crypto Wallet that enables cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, and TRX) to be purchased instantly and used in dApps.

5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

Opera Touch available on iOS and Android devices, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Access any content, anywhere, any time. Hola VPN5 reasons why you really should use Opera Touch

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