Samsung Revealed 7 hidden Features of Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Revealed 7 hidden Features of Galaxy Z Flip

With an innovative design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, it comes with some great features of Galaxy Z Flip that you will love and like every day in your daily life, check out these seven hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

  1. Simple Ways to Receive Calls

The Galaxy Z Flip helps you to take phone calls quickly without stopping the task at hand, with several choices for taking a call. To answer the call on speaker mode, simply swipe from left to right on the cover panel if the phone rings when you are cooking or multitasking with your hands. All you need to do is swipe the opposite way on the cover display to end the call.

Samsung Revealed 7 hidden Features of Galaxy Z Flip

On the Galaxy Z Flip, another way to answer a phone call is by unfolding the unit and swiping left to right. This is ideal for occasions when you need to make a call in the same room along with several colleagues.

If you prefer to automatically answer and terminate phone calls by folding and unfolding the unit, you can change the settings of the phone app to fit your requirements.

Samsung Revealed 7 hidden Features of Galaxy Z Flip
  1. Instantly Capture Multiple Photos

The camera in the Galaxy Z Flip comes with Burst mode, allowing you to take a series of images in the blink of an eye. In the Camera app, simply hold and drag the shutter button down and shoot as the action unfolds. You can then go to the gallery and, in your own time, pick the perfect picture. It’s as simple as taking a picture to turn unforgettable moments into instantly shareable GIFs on the Galaxy Z Flip. You can adjust the action of swiping down the shutter button to make GIFs in the Camera app Settings.

  1. Use the Cover Display as a Selfie Viewfinder

You can simply double-tap the fingerprint sensor when your smartphone is folded to turn the cover display into a Selfie Viewfinder. By clicking on the monitor, you can then switch between the medium-angle and Ultra-Wide lens. All you need to do is press the volume button to take the shot until it is perfectly framed.

Samsung Revealed 7 hidden Features of Galaxy Z Flip
  1. Launch Multi Window Mode Quickly

The Galaxy Z Flip makes multitasking easier in everyday life if you want to quickly pull up a to-do list while running errands or respond to a message while watching a video. You can run apps on your computer in Multi-Window mode by opening them from the Multi-Window Tray, which you can reach by swiping to the right side of the screen. When you multitask, opening a pop-up window on the Galaxy Z Flip will give you more versatility. To open an app as a pop-up window, simply press and drag an icon from the Multi-Window Tray into the center of the monitor.

  1. Do Everything With One Hand

The Galaxy Z Flip comes with a handy feature that allows you, when just one of your hands is free, to easily reach anything on the main monitor. One-handed mode briefly scales down the monitor size for easier control by double-tapping on the home button or swiping down at the middle of the bottom edge.

You can allow gestures on the fingerprint sensor located on the side of the Galaxy Z Flip for easier access if you want to open the notification panel at the top of the main display without reaching up at all times. You may also change the settings such that the notification panel opens by swiping down from any position on the main monitor.

Samsung Revealed 7 hidden Features of Galaxy Z Flip
  1. Switch on Focus Mode to Minimize Distractions

You can create some peace and quiet with the Galaxy Z Flip and get into the zone with Focus Mode. The role enables you to momentarily mute alerts from a custom app list and also reduce distractions by removing applications that you might be tempted to use for occasions when you just need to concentrate.

  1. Charge Your Devices Wirelessly With PowerShare

There’s nothing more annoying than your battery-powered earphones during a busy life. You don’t need to wait until you find a plug to recharge your wearables with Wireless PowerShare on the Galaxy Z Flip. Just turn the feature on, and for all your other devices, the smartphone will serve as a wireless charging pad.

Samsung Revealed 7 hidden Features of Galaxy Z Flip


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