Android 10 Features: You Should Try


With the introduction of Android 10, the features powered by on-device machine learning technology make your daily life easier. Android 10 offers you more data security, accountability, and power.

Android version 10 now more than 2.5 billion devices are available. Here are some of the most useful features you can make of Android 10.

Smart Answer activities now advise you to use Google Maps when someone sends you an address message that you can open and navigate on. Smart Answer now works through all messaging applications.

By triggering the Dark theme in Settings, you can now turn your UI and First-party apps black. You can allow Dark Theme for the entire phone, or for specific applications such as Photos and Calendar. On your Android 10 app, you can try Dark Theme because it doesn’t harm your eyes, and you can prolong your battery life.

  • Android 10 Features: You Should Try
  • Android 10 Features: You Should Try

Allow the most of bigger, edge-to-edge displays with new navigation motion. Fresh ways to access your phone without having to use any keys. You can go backward with quick swipes, pull up the home screen, and switch fluidly between tasks. You won’t want to return to clear keys after flipping.

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Listen more clearly about what is around you. With Sound Enhancement, your phone will be able to improve volume, block background noise, and fine-tune your hearing. Whether you’re talking to your best friend, watching television, or listening to a lecture just plug in your headphones and hear it all more clearly.

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With a single tap, Live Caption automatically captures videos, podcasts, and audio messages through every device you’re recording.

Now you have more power about whether to share your location info or if so. You can only share the location data with others when using them. You can also receive alerts when your location is accessed by an app that you are not actively using, so you can determine whether to continue sharing or not. When an app constantly has access to location data, Android can alert you with a one-time notification. Care to change the access? Only go to the Preferences.

Android devices are already getting daily updates on security. And you’ll be getting them even quicker and better in Android 10. Through updates to the Google Play program, essential security and privacy changes can now be sent from Google Play to your computer, upgrading your devices in the same way. So you can get these updates as soon as they are usable, without having to wait for a full upgrade to the OS.

Digital Wellbeing now offers Focus mode. To get into the environment, and eliminate distractions. Pick and silence the apps that you find distracting, such as email or news, before you get out of concentration mode. Finding and handling notification Settings straight from the alerts panel is simpler. Simply pull it down, scroll to the bottom and press the left-hand corner at the bottom.

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Family Link is now part of every system running Android 10, right under the Digital Wellbeing settings. Time for consistency. To all it is special. To others, this is a weekend unplugging. It’s spending hours talking video with your best friend, among some. Android 10 provides you with the resources needed to find the balance. Inside your phone’s Settings menu, digital wellness & parental controls to build and manage safe digital habits for the entire family. Families may use these resources to set digital ground rules such as regular time limits for the phone, bedtime gadgets, time limits for individual apps, and more. They can also test the applications that children install on their computers, as well as their use. Need to be off the grid but not in the zone?

  • Android 10 Features: You Should Try
  • Android 10 Features: You Should Try
  • Android 10 Features: You Should Try

Some of the newest ways of managing your privacy, tailoring your phone, and getting things done. It is Android, just as you want it to be. Android 10 is launching 65 new emojis, including gender-inclusive emoji styles such as shave, weightlift, and sauna. Now, though keeping your password safe you can share your Wi-Fi information with guests via a QR code.

Android 10 also supports a new file format to save still images, called (.heic). New file format for recording, saving, and sharing depth images through Android (including AR). New camera style support allows for monochrome app developers but the system should have a monochrome camera lens to access this feature.