App Sharing and Multi-User accounts rolling out to Oculus Quest as experimental features

Earlier in January 2021, Oculus testing out the Multi-User accounts and App Sharing (Read more) which are set to roll out in the next month, now it rolls out to Oculus Quest as an experimental feature, which allows the primary account holder to add multiple accounts to log into a single Oculus VR headset, and App Sharing allows to share the apps as they purchase with the secondary accounts including the game progress, and achievements will be personalized and saved separately to each account.

This experimental feature only rolls out to Oculus Quest 2 users, and it will be rolling out soon to all Quest users anytime in the future.

  • For now, the admin account (a.k.a. the account you used to set up your headset) can add up to three additional accounts and enable App Sharing on a single device. Remember, this is experimental—it might change as more households begin to own multiple Quest devices.
  • To use Multi-User and App Sharing, the admin and additional account holders must each log in to the shared device with their respective Facebook accounts.
  • Additional account holders can only access the admin account holder’s shared apps on the device where App Sharing is enabled. If the additional account holder purchases their own device or already has their own device, they won’t be able to access the admin account’s shared apps on their own headset.
  • Additional account holders may purchase their own apps and content on shared devices, but these apps won’t be shared with either the admin account or other additional accounts.
  • You can still log in to multiple devices at the same time. However, you will not be able to use the same account to run the same app across multiple devices simultaneously. Different accounts can concurrently access a shared app on multiple headsets, keeping in mind that you can only enable App Sharing on a single device at the moment.
  • The admin account cannot be changed without a factory reset. The admin account can add additional accounts, but additional accounts cannot add other accounts.

App Sharing applies automatically to all new apps in the Oculus Quest Store from this date forward. As of today, a limited number of existing games will not yet be available through App Sharing unless players purchase their own copy, but over time we expect most of these apps to support additional users as well.