Apple Announced iPadOS 14 with Big Improvement


iPadOS 14 builds on all the amazing features of iOS while adding unique capabilities that deliver a distinct experience for iPad. Like using Apple Pencil for taking notes, markup, and illustration. iPadOS 14 coming this fall and it is very powerful updates for iPads.

The new enhancement in the sidebar is when you pull down the menus, you can easily access more app functions from a single location. You can organize and preview items like photos from the sidebar. And you can copy or drag them into other folders.

The new compact search design lets you stay focused on your work, so whenever you want to search something just tap on the search bar and it will appear.

The same as the iOS 14, Compact calls also available in iPadOS 14. Compact calls allow you, when someone calls you it appears in the top just like notification and it doesn’t take full screen.

The new Scribble feature allows you, convert drawable text into standard text form with the Apple Pencil. It will automatically convert any drawing text into the text field. So you want to search in the browser just draw a test and it will convert text for you. Draw a circle around the text and you can easily copy or move. You can also write handwritten notes with Apple Pencil with Note App.

The Smart Selection is powered by advanced machine learning that writing from drawing, smart selection lets you select handwritten text. You can draw a geographical line, arcs, and shapes.

Data detectors automatically recognize addresses, numbers, email addresses, and other data in handwritten text.

With the help of Augmented reality, you can visualize impossible things. ARKit 4 can be placed at specific geographic coordinates. So you can view them from your favorite places around the world. Eg. landmarks, cities. “ARKit 4 provides more precise depth measurements capture by the LiDAR Scanner to allow virtual objects to interact with the real world exactly as you expected.”

The new group and Pinned conversation are also available for the iPadOS 14. The pinned conversation is on the top of your conversation list, so you can easily get access. You can also add Group photos to your conversation list, so you can visual identity by adding a photo or Memoji, or you can also choose from emoji. The new Inline replies and Mentions feature also available in the iPadOS 14. There are a lot of features in the iPadOS 14, as same as the iOS 14.