Apple Announced macOS Big Sur with Redesign UI and More

macOS Big Sur

In the WWDC20, Apple introduces new macOS Big Sur. All we know macOS is an advanced desktop operating system in the world today. With new macOS Big Sur brings refined design and biggest update for Safari. macOS beauty in its power.

Some big changes coming to macOS. macOS has revolutionized the experience of using a computer by combining incredible power with incredible ease of use. And people also love macOS, because macOS is a way much better experience.

So this year, Apple taking macOS to the next level. With the introduction of macOS Big Sur, it has an entirely new design and major updates to some of the most essential apps on the platform.

The design of macOS Big Sur is really felt like there’s no other way it could be. Apple brings more clarity to the design of the software while retaining Mac’s powerful capability and ease of use. macOS Big Sur has the simplest element, it has a new corner cutting shape design, new controls, and buttons. There are new notification and widgets in the system taskbar, the new sound leveler. It will allow you to drag some of your favorite widgets and add them to the taskbar.

In the Dock, it has an elegant new design that floats along the bottom of your desktop and all-new app icons.

  • macOS Big Sur Control Center
  • Notification Center in macOS Big Sur

The biggest update for Safari in macOS is performance, efficiency, and privacy. Now Safari has better performance running JavaScript is way better and it takes on all major browsers in terms of speed and performance. Safari has now faster loading time, and it has 50% faster than Chrome when you load frequently visited websites. Safari now allows cookie blocking and Intelligent tracking protection.

Safari has a new customizable start page, and you can also make it your customized page. There are new customization controls in the right bottom corner. Now you can also change the background image.

  • Safari in macOS Big Sur
  • Safari Improve Tabs

And this year Apple wants to give more visibility to users to how each site they visit tries to track them and the ways that Safari protects them. Users can click on the Privacy Report button in the toolbar when they visit a site to better understand how that site is treating their privacy. In addition to monitoring unwanted tracking, Safari now also securely monitors your saved passwords to ensure that they haven’t been compromised in a data breach.

Safari Privacy
A new Privacy Report in Safari delivers added visibility into how Safari protects browsing activity across the web

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Apple Announced macOS Big Sur with Redesign UI and More