Apple iMovie Added Three New Filters as well as 25 new Soundtracks

The latest version of the Apple iMovie app for iPhone and iPad added some new hand-drawn look for your videos with three new filters as well as 25 new soundtracks that will automatically adjust to match the length of your movie. The latest updates also improve the reliability of redo when editing a trailer. This update also fixes an issue that could prevent the viewer from updating after duplicating a photo in the timeline.

Want to see 25 new soundtracks on iMovie after updating to the latest version, open your project in iMovie app and tap on the “+” icon then select audio and then soundtracks, here you can see a blue dot on soundtracks.

To access three new filters in iMovie, select a video timeline and select filter option from the downside of the right corner, here you can see these three filters include Comic, Comic Mono, and Ink. And also enjoy the rest of the filters in the iMovie app.

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