Apple Release COVID-19 Website and App Screening Tool


To provide full up-to-date information, Apple has launched the COVID-19 website and app for the citizens of the US.

Apple launched a new screening tool to warn people as COVID-19 spreads about taking the necessary measures to protect their health. In this production, Apple has collaborated with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), The White House and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The COVID-19 website and app help users to answer basic questions about the risk factors, symptoms, travel, and contact with others that you have had. They will also provide CDC advice on the next steps, including instructions on social distancing and self-isolation, how to track symptoms closely, whether or not a test is currently recommended, and when to contact a medical professional.


Apple also notes that the screening method is intended to be a resource for individuals and does not substitute health care providers ‘directives or state and local health authorities’ guidelines. Users may also save past screening results at a later date or in discussions with a healthcare provider for you or a loved one to respond to.


The app and website provide tool links to help people stay updated and get the support they need. Users can provide answers to commonly asked COVID-19 questions like who is at the highest risk and how symptoms can be identified. They can also know the most up-to-date details from the CDC, such as best practices for hand washing, surface disinfection, and symptom monitoring. Someone 18 years of age and older in the US can use this COVID-19 screening method.


Apple says it has developed a strong commitment to user privacy, the COVID-19 software, and the website to keep all user data secure and safe. The services do not require a sign-in or affiliation with the Apple ID of a user, and no individual comments from the users will be submitted to Apple or any governmental agency.

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