Apple Unveils the Biggest Update for Logic Pro X


Apple has been unleashed the power of Logic Pro X in the latest update for music production software. The Logic Pro X (ver. 10.5) has new Live Loops, Remix FX, and some other changes. The most interesting feature in the Logic Pro X includes Live Loops, which is only available in the Garageband for iOS.

With Live Loops on the Mac, Logic users can now create music in new freeform and nonlinear ways. Loops, samples, and recordings can be organized into a new musical grid, where musicians can spontaneously perform and capture different arrangement ideas into the timeline. From there, tracks can be further refined using all of the professional production features in Logic.

Users can use Logic Remote App to their iPhone and iPad on Live Loops and Remix FX with Multi-Touch gesture support.

Apple Logic Pro X 001
Image via Apple – Logic Remote App to use on iPhone and iPad together

Full release notes are here:

Live Loops

  • Compose music by arranging and triggering cells in a grid using loops, samples, and your recordings
  • Perform and capture freeform arrangement ideas into the tracks area
  • Add Remix FX to perform creative effects like filters, gates, repeaters, and bitcrusher
  • Use Logic Remote on your iPad or iPhone to perform Live Loops and Remix FX using Multi-Touch gestures to trigger several loops or effects simultaneously


  • Create and edit sophisticated multi-sampled instruments using a drag-and-drop workflow
  • New modern design provides synthesis, mapping and zone editing in a single-window interface
  • Integrated zone editor offers detailed control over start, end and loop points
  • Mapping editor enables fast and flexible assignment of samples across the keyboard
  • Flex Time has been integrated into Sampler, allowing sounds to be played at the same length, regardless of pitch
  • Auto Sampler automates the process of converting MIDI-enabled hardware and software instruments into Sampler instruments
  • Supports all existing EXS24 instruments
Apple Logic Pro X 002
Image via Apple – Sampler to enable sound designers to create sophisticated instruments

Quick Sampler

  • Import a single audio file to instantly build a playable sampled instrument
  • Quick Sampler automatically identifies the root note and optimal loop points and matches your project tempo
  • Use Slice mode to chop a vocal or drum sample into multiple slices that can be triggered on a keyboard
  • Record live samples using a microphone, external hardware, or from any track or bus
Apple Logic Pro X 003
Image via Apple – Quick Sampler turn any sound into a musical instrument

Drum Machine Designer

  • Use Drum Machine Designer to build custom drum kits by dragging and organizing samples
  • Directly access Quick Sampler or Drum Synth controls on any pad
  • Easily assign any instrument or third-party plug-in to a pad
  • Perform any sound chromatically to create bass lines or other melodic parts
Apple Logic Pro X 005
Image via Apple – Drum Machine Designer has been integrated with the new sampling features of Logic Pro X 10.5

Step Sequencer

  • Build your own beats, melodies and effect automation using an interface inspired by classic drum machine workflows
  • Create and edit patterns with discrete control over velocity, repeat, chance, offset, step rate, skip and tie for each row
  • Use any patch as a sound source, including custom kits made with Quick Sampler and Drum Machine Designer
  • Includes a library of over 150 rhythmic and melodic patterns
Apple Logic Pro X 004
Image via Apple – Step Sequencer is designed to make it easy to build original and creative beats

More Content

  • Over 2,500 new loops in a variety of instruments and genres covering modern and classic hip-hop, electro house, reggaeton, future bass, techno, and transition effects
  • 17 Live Loops starter grids covering a range of electronic and hip-hop genres
  • More than 70 new Drum Machine Designer kits
  • Over 1,500 new patches
  • Original multi-track project of Billie Eilish “Ocean Eyes”

Additional Features

  • The Drum Synth plug-in generates synthesised kicks, snares, toms and hi-hats with dedicated sound-shaping controls
  • Individual or multiple audio files or software instrument regions can be dragged into an empty track header to provide instant options for creating Sampler, Quick Sampler, Drum Machine Designer or Alchemy instruments
  • Multiple additional enhancements and stability improvements

Check this out for what Logic Pro X can do in a professional music production company.

Apple Logic Pro X generally costs about $199.99 and in India around costs Rs.15,500. If you are already using a Logic Pro X then you just need to update the app on the app store which is free of cost.