Apple will Launch “Apple One” Services Bundle in October Alongside iPhone 12


Apple is planning to launch it’s “Apple One” services bundle in October, according to the Bloomberg news report. This digital subscription would offer a selection of Apple’s digital services at a lower monthly price. Bloomberg states that Apple is also launching services rival to compete with Peloton, an Apple fitness subscription that would form part of the bundle deal.

The “Apple One” services bundle will arrive as early as October alongside the next iPhone 12 lineup. This services bundle offers customers to subscribe to more Apple digital services, which will generate more revenue.

In June 2020, 9to5mac reported that iOS 13.5 code included references to Apple bundle subscription offers. These bundles will help Apple to drive subscriptions and users to its new content services like Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade.

These Apple services bundle will help it drive subscriptions for its own content offerings, rather than being so dependent on the third-party commissions.

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Apple will Launch “Apple One” Services Bundle in October Alongside iPhone 12