Best Buy Dropped $70 On NBA JAM Arcade Machine

Best Buy Dropped $70 on NBA JAM Arcade Machine

Best Buy just dropped $70 on the NBA JAM Arcade Machine during the early Black Friday sale, which is now available for $479.99, down from $549.99. The NBA JAM Arcade Machine came with three games: NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hangtime. GameStop also offers a $70 discount on NBA JAM Arcade Machine.

With this Arcade1Up NBA Jam arcade, you may shoot the ball like a pro. The joysticks and control buttons allow you to perform astounding feats, and the Wi-Fi technology allows you to challenge up to three friends online. This Arcade1Up NBA Jam arcade contains three unique games to test your skills, including a light-up deck protector and a light-up marquee. Orange Stool Special Edition is included.

In this vintage arcade game, you may play basketball with NBA great and pull off some outrageous shots. Jump across the room and set fire to the ball! The NBA JAM Cabinet contains two-on-two basketball battles and is one of the first sports games to feature both actual and digital NBA teams and players! There were no fouls, no free throws, no violations (save for goaltending and the 24-second penalty), and much more.

Prepare to be thrown back in time to an era of adrenaline-pumping, old-school pleasure as Arcade1Up brings iconic gaming to you. Whether you are a retro junkie or just interested to see what all the fuss is about, this is the ideal method to enjoy arcade play in the comfort of your own home, dorm room, or office. The 57.8″ arcade (45.8″ without the riser) features a 4-player light-up control deck with real-feel joysticks and control buttons.

The Arcade1Up NBA Jam arcade machine boasts creative artwork and a custom riser. These capabilities, paired with a full-color 17″ LCD monitor and dual speakers, will offer you and three friends limitless hours of gaming! The machine is simple to put together, with a light-up deck cover, and a variable volume button.

NBA JAM Arcade Machine specs and features

  • Officially licensed
  • 4-player controls
  • WiFi connected for online play
  • Classic upright “Cabinet” design
  • Original Artwork
  • 3 Games in 1
  • Riser with exclusive artwork
  • Light-Up Marquee
  • 17″ Color LCD screen
  • Commercial-grade construction
  • Real feel arcade controls & buttons
  • Coinless operation
  • Volume control
  • Dual speakers
  • Dimensions: 22.75” D x 31” W x 57.8” H with riser
  • Weight: 88 lbs

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