Best Chrome Extensions Make life Easier

Best Chrome Extensions

In today’s article, I will tell you some most popular, and my favorite and best Chrome Extensions.

Google Chrome extensions really make our lives so much easier. There are so many different tools to make us more productive, and just to make browsing on the web so much more convenient.

OneTab – Convert all of your tabs into a list

Sometimes you have 10 or maybe many, many more tabs open at any given time. Because having all of these websites open, each and every one of them can take up valuable processing power. The solution is OneTab.

OneTab allows you to convert all of your tabs into a list, actually, you can restore an individual or all tabs at once. If you select an OneTab icon or just click it, it’s going to condense everything that was open into a single tab or single list. So if you want to continue your work, you can open up a new tab, and go to work the way that you want.

So, it allows you to minimize and condense all of the tabs open. And if you ever want to come back, and just click, “Restore All”, button. And it will restore all of those tabs in the same order, in the same way, that they were displayed in the first place. So if you’re wanting an easier way to manage all of your tabs, and also keep a history of them, be sure to check out OneTab.

Extensity – On/Off all extensions in a single click

Extensity allows you to improve the performance of your browser experience. Sometimes when you have all of your extensions installed, they can start to weigh down, and slow down, your browsing experience. The solution is Extensity, it simply enables/disables installed chrome extensions in a single click.

When you have Extensity installed, you get a nice convenient list of all of the extensions and all of the Chrome apps that you currently have installed. But what Extensity does, it allows you to disable them, when you want to, or whenever you need.

Eg. If you click on Extensity extension all extensions will be grayed out means it will disable them.

If you want a better way to manage all of your extensions and also disable those ones that you only use from time to time, be sure to check out Extensity.

Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify allows you to choose what you want to record. So with Screencastify installed, when you select that, it will appear in a small menu and allow you to choose what you want to record. Make sure that you’ve set up the correct microphone, and if you want to, you can record your webcam as well.

Now Screencastify is absolutely free, and you can record your videos under five minutes in length. If you need a longer video, you can always upgrade.

The other nice thing is, you can add some features here, such as a focus mouse. So if you want to show the focus of the screen you can use this focus mouse to point out certain areas of the page. When you’re done recording just click on the “Stop Recording” button, and this will immediately open up the editor window. You can review your recording. And you can also trim your recordings.

In the top right-hand corner, you get a “Copy Shareable Link”. This is ready to share immediately. Why, because of Screencastify links directly to your Google Drive account. So these videos are automatically saved to your Google Drive account, so you can start sharing them immediately. If you select “Copy Shareable Link”, you can now paste this into an email, or share it via text, and they can now access and watch this short video.

You can also publish it to YouTube, or get an embed code, or even download it to your system. So for quick and easy video capture, you’ll be wanting to check out Screencastify.

Hunter – Find email addresses in seconds

Anyone who is dealing with sales, or leads, or just needed to contact someone and not sure where to find their contact information. And for this purpose, I have used an extension called “Hunter“. Let me tell you one thing about Hunter, all you need is your personal or company email address means “@example.com”. You cannot use email services like @gmail.com, @outlook.com, @hotmail.com, @rediffmail.com, @aol.com, or any other extension.

So if you have landed across a particular website, and let’s say that, “I’m wanting to get in contact with someone who works at this business, or at this organization”, but you don’t know what their email address is. And you can’t seem to find them on LinkedIn, not even sure. Maybe you just know it’s someone in that organization.

Well then with the Hunter Chrome extension installed, just click on it and it will pop up the menu. And it will show you all of the publicly available email addresses, related to that organization. So right at the very top, it’s going to tell you that the most common pattern for this organization is, first initial, plus the last name, and their domain name.

So even if you can’t find the particular person, if you know their name. If you know their full name, or perhaps you can find it elsewhere, such as LinkedIn. you’ve probably got a really good chance of getting to them with that email format.

Tab Resize – split-screen layouts

This one has to do with resizing your browser tabs and splitting your browsing screen into as many different quadrants, or columns, or rows. So If you want to have two websites side by side, all you need to do is select “Tab Resize“, it will give you a few handy presets there and different ways that you can display those websites. Or, you can create your own custom layout.

If you select it, it immediately takes the last two sites that you have visited and split them side by side. This is so helpful for you if you have a large screen.

Grammarly – Spelling Assistant

So let’s turn now into Grammarly and this is my favorite one, I personally used Grammarly and it will help me to find errors and spelling mistakes, it will also correct them for me. You can also call it a personal Grammar assistant. Grammarly is a spell checker extension for Google Chrome. Grammarly allows you to Correct your spelling and sentence mistakes, and it can also allow you best practices. So you can do your writing work confidently.

No matter how much English writing knowledge you have it will help you and correct them for you with high quality. You can also practice here.

Grammarly now available across platforms like Windows Office Apps, Google popular web apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slide, it also available on Microsoft Windows, you can also use Grammarly keyboard for your Android devices, or iOS devices, and it is also available for iPad OS, just head over iPad OS app store and search for Grammarly keyboard. Download the Grammarly Keyboard on Google Play Store, or iPhone App Store.