Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience
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Microsoft Edge is more reliable than Chrome and Firefox by providing better security against phishing and malware attacks on Windows 10. And when you’re on the web, Microsoft Edge and Bing provide peace of mind with additional privacy features such as tracking prevention, InPrivate Search, and family safety controls.

Here are some of the best features Microsoft announced at Windows Web Experience:

Price comparison in Microsoft Edge helps you find the best price this holiday

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

Usually, you have to open several tabs while browsing the web for gifts and check through several pages for the same product to find the best price. It’s a lot of time that takes. That’s why the price comparison feature allows you to find the best price when shopping online.

With a single click, you can conveniently compare the price of a product you want from other retailers. You can check it out today by adding a product to a list,. When you click “Compare price to other distributors,” you can see a list of that item’s prices through other distributors along with direct links to the sites so that you can complete your order quickly.

Microsoft Edge will continue to offer you features such as a more proactive price comparison and discounts that help you save time and keep more money in the pocket.

If you want features like this as early, then you should join to Microsoft Edge Insider channel to start testing new features.

Save your hard-earned cash with Bing Rebates

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

Bing Rebates, a feature that makes it easy to earn cash back, is now based in the U.S.! From the search results tab, shoppers on Microsoft Bing can easily find offers from participating merchants. You no longer need to hunt for cashback deals through various websites; now, you’ll see fantastic Bing Rebates deals right in the search results when you search for products, brands, or categories. Sign up here to receive the cashback, also you can find deals on the Rebates offer page. This might be work in the U.S. only.

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

It is easy to get Bing Rebates on your purchases. All you have to do is sign in to Microsoft Rewards, search for a product like you usually would, and click a cashback offer on a search result. You will see confirmation of the activation of the Bing Rebates offer.

When you land on the merchant page and finish your order, you will receive a confirmation email about the cashback received within two to three days. After 90 days, you can transfer the cash back you received through PayPal if the merchant confirms your purchase.

To cash out your money, you need to participate in Microsoft Rewards. You can shop and receive cashback in a number of categories, including fashion, electronics, food, travel, games, entertainment, books, and more.

Find holiday recipes and shopping inspiration with Collections + Pinterest

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

Collections let you save items, websites, images, and text easily from around the web and arrange them for later access or sharing with others. This is perfect for recipes and online shopping as you can find ideas relating to your holiday baking and gift search from Pinterest.

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To get started. Simply add things to your collection. When enabled, then you will see suggested Pins related to your collection at the bottom of the Collection windows. You can easily add these suggestions to your existing collection, or export your collection to a new board on Pinterest.

“We believe people should expect more from their browser,” said Liat Ben-Zur, corporate vice president at Microsoft. “I love using Pinterest suggestions in Microsoft Edge to discover content that inspires me for the holidays. From holiday party planning to collect meal recipes, to creating my gift-giving shopping list, Microsoft Edge + Pinterest can help everyone find fun and creative projects to help you stand out.”

Give back this holiday season with the expansion of Give with Bing

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

Give with Bing is a Microsoft Rewards extension. Microsoft Rewards allows you to gain points simply by searching for Microsoft Bing, and Give with Bing allows you to donate those points to organizations that you care about automatically. With Give with Bing, you can still help organizations by simply searching the web without having to spend any cash.

Microsoft has been expanded the number of non-profit organizations on Give with Bing to include over 1.4 million organizations across the globe. And, by Dec. 31, 2020, to maximize the effectiveness of their work on urgent areas such as public health, social justice, and education, it will align the points you donate to these organizations through Give with Bing.

Give with Bing users have donated Microsoft Rewards points valued at over $1 million, and Microsoft also expanding the Give with Bing program to seven more markets beyond the United States including U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

If you want to donate, you can join Give with Bing from here, this page will show your lifetime donation amount.

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

If you’re a nonprofit, encourage your members to join Give with Bing to increase donations; an easy way to do this is to get a URL for your nonprofit through the Give with Bing dashboard and share it out.

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

Also, Microsoft partnered with two public figures who are passionate about giving back: Janelle Monáe and Jamal Adams.

Singer, songwriter, actor, and producer Janelle Monáe believes in providing resources to those in under-served communities to empower them to live their life with dignity, and ultimately, achieve their dreams. That’s why with the help of the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI), she created Wondalunch and is excited to champion Give with Bing donations to the SJLI.

Seattle Seahawks standout Jamal Adams is supporting the Why Not You Foundation started by his friend and teammate Russell Wilson. Jamal believes in the Why Not You Foundation’s dedication to creating real and lasting change in the world by motivating, empowering, and preparing today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Add a personal touch to your new tab page in Edge for the holidays

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

If you want to take a lot of pictures during this time of year of your kids and pets. It is good to be reminded of the ones we care most for, with all of us spending more time in front of our screens. Now, you can conveniently upload your favorite picture to the new Microsoft Edge tab page. Just click the wheel in the upper right corner of your new tab page, and then click and upload the custom page layout.

Capture, save, and share web content with web capture in Edge.

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

The web shifts so much that you sometimes want a glimpse to be preserved in time. Imagine that you need to take a web article clipping to share in a school PowerPoint presentation, or you want to save a web page for copy editing at work. Even if it’s farther down the list, you can use web capture to catch just what you need from a web page and share it with others or save for future reference.

Use the selection tool and drag to the bottom of the page; the Edge scrolls down the page automatically so that in one screenshot you can get everything you need. It’s now roll out to the Microsoft Edge users. Also, inking capabilities of web notes from Microsoft Edge will be add in an inking toolbar and capture full webpages with a single click in the upcoming release, says Microsoft.

Quickly navigate PDFs using the table of contents

Best Microsoft Edge Features Announced at Windows Web Experience

Microsoft Edge now supports native PDF handler for the table of content. Now, to get to the section you like, you will no longer have to scroll all the way through the text. By clicking on the linked parts in the table of contents, you can now easily navigate through the PDF. It’s an easy enhancement that will help you save time with our PDF handler.

Stream movies with your family and friends with Teleparty for Microsoft Edge

Would you like to talk with your friends at this moment of social distance when watching a movie online together from the comfort of your own living rooms? Since many of us spend more and more time watching movies and streaming TV at home, Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) has introduced a Microsoft Edge browser extension that allows you to stream TV shows from the comfort of your device in sync with friends and family with integrated chat.

Teleparty also partners with Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Disney+, Netflix, and more, among other video streaming services. Also, Microsoft’s partnership with Netflix offers 4K UHD video streaming from Microsoft Edge. Teleparty is available on the website for add-ons to Microsoft Edge. You can download the Teleparty extension from Microsoft Edge add-ons.

The new MSN Esports Hub

Microsoft is introducing the MSN Esports Hub; a unique destination that brings together Esports news, streams, tournaments, and stats in a fast, intuitive desktop or mobile experience. Check out the MSN Esports page.

With Microsoft Bing intelligence and cutting-edge Microsoft technology, the MSN Esports portal is designed to consolidate news, game streams, matches, tournaments, and team data from various channels, both sponsored by Twitch and YouTube, with more coming soon.

It is operated by “Watch For” a Microsoft Research AI device that uses real-time machine vision to simultaneously analyze tens of thousands of streams to distinguish information such as streamers playing a particular character.

To filter it out, the same AI engine can also flag malicious content, keeping your family safer online. Until your next tournament, if you are trying to get smarter about gaming and communicate with the gamer in your family or doing research on another team.