Buy Razer Recon 15 Rolltop Backpack and Get Team Razer V2 Keychain FREE

Razer will give you a Team Razer V2 Keychain free of cost worth $9.99 when you purchased a Razer Recon 15 Rolltop Backpack, this offer only valid for a limited time. All you need to do is visit Razer Recon 15 Rolltop Backpack product page form here, when you add that product to your cart, and open the cart there you will see Have a promo code? option. Then just drop down that arrow and enter this Promo Code: RECONISKEY, after entering the promo code click on apply, and then you will see Team Razer V2 Keychain has been added to your cart at no additional cost.

So you will get Team Razer V2 Keychain worth $9.99, by just entering the promo code, which I already have provided in above. This offer valid only in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, German, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. So, make sure to check your local country below.

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