Create an Encrypted File Using Photo Password


The new WinTrezur free file management program is an extremely useful program that helps you create an encrypted file archive that can only be opened using a photo password.

Not only this, it goes a step further and also takes protective measures and allows the archive to encrypt with two passwords that are entered one after the other. Other software tools also provide you the facility to search and delete duplicate files, batch convert, and resize a group of photos. Not only this, but you can also create slideshows and edit images on your PC. This software also works on Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1.

Go to this website site and click on the download button. Wait till the popup countdown occurs and click download, click on the setup file which is downloaded on your PC, click on Run, click Next, select for Everyone, two-click on Next to start its installation, and Close.

Click the WinTrezer icon on the desktop to see a list of your PC drives in the left pan, click the preview pane icon to display it, click the View dropdown menu, select Thumbnails, view its files, and force in the right pan Click on the drive in the left pan for, now click on any item on the right to see its preview in the preview pane.


To create an encrypted archive and lock it from the photo, click New> Add files and navigate to the file on the PC that you want to encrypt, click Open.

WinTrezur 001
Click on New
WinTrezur 002
Add files or folders of your choice

Repeat the same process if you want to add multiple files to the archive. If you have accidentally added a file, click on it and click on Remove. It will be saved by default in the same folder as the first file you encrypted. If you want to save to a new folder in another drive, click on the option, click on the folder icon, navigate to the drive where you want to save the folder, go to the folder name, and save.

Now your Click Start and OK to start encrypting the drive.

WinTrezur 003
Click on Start Button
WinTrezur 004
Select where you want to save this encrypted file or folder

Now you will be asked about the password with which you can unlock this encrypted archive. If you want to add a photo as a password, click the key icon with the password field and then click on the set from a file, navigate to the folder that contains the photo that you want to create a password, click on it, click on open, and click OK.

WinTrezur 005

Now you will see your encrypted archive in the folder you created, double click on it to access this archive, click on the key icon, click on the set form file, navigate to that photo to access the archive. Do what you set as a password and click on Open and click OK.

You can lock files with two passwords with just a few changes from this process. Click new at the top, click Add files on the files you want to add to the encrypted archive, click Start and click OK.

Now click the partner icon by clicking the key icon in the box on the top right, then click Add in the box that opens, enter the first password, and confirm, OK.

WinTrezur 006
Click on the Partner Password

Now enter the second password again and confirm, click OK, To access the archive, double click on it, go to the key icon click, click the partner password, click add, click the first password, click OK.

WinTrezur 007

You can also delete items you definitely don’t need so that no one can access them from the recycling bin or retrieve them using a recovery program. To do this, go to Start, move your mouse over Security, move to wipe, click on Files and Folders.

Click Add Files or (Add folder) at the top, click on the file (or folder) you want to delete, click OK. If you want to delete more files and folders, repeat this process to add. When all such files are added, click on Start and click OK to erase them. If you want to remove the PC from the Recycle Bin to increase its space. Then navigate to the Start menu (Recycle Bin) and click on the option.

To find duplicate files in the folder, click Start, move the mouse to Tools, click Find Duplicate File. Now click on add folder, navigate to the folder from which you want to find duplicate files, click OK, click start and click yes to start scanning of that folder for duplicate, OK once scanning is complete. And then click on the view and remove repeated files in the current comparison index icon next to it.

Now you will see the original files as well as ticked duplicate versions. To view the preview (if any), click on the file, click on the duplicates that do not have to be deleted, click on Next to see the folders containing the original and duplicate, click delete, click start, delete duplicate file OK to do.

To resize and convert a group of images at once, open the folder containing the image, click on any image in it and drag WinTrezur into the left pan then drag it to the folder with that image in the right pan. Only you will open. Press Control and click on the images you want to resize.

Next, click on the top left and start, move the mouse over tools, click resize image and click on start, click the folder icon and select this folder where you want to save those converted images, Fit to Select size, and enter the new size value you want in the width and height columns, select the file format to which you want to convert, click OK.

WinTrezur also allows you to create slideshows of images in your folder. To do this, navigate to the folder containing images in the right pan, click on the start slideshow icon, change the time difference between the images by clicking on the up and down arrows next upwards and determine if you want the images to slide. If the show happens on its own at the scheduled time, then untick from start to the first file. If you want the photo to fit your screen or to show your maximum resolution, select Fit, click OK to start the slide show, press Esc on the keyboard if you want to return to the WinTrezur screen during the slide show.

To edit an image, click the drive on the left pan, go to the corresponding folder and double click on the image to be edited, press and hold your cursor there to zoom to a specific part of that image, to get edit options. For right-click on the image, now click show resolution to remove the default EXIF ​​GTET (size. Width, megapixel, count, date, and time) in the upper left side of the image, the camera from which that image is taken. To know its ISO shutter speed etc., click Image Properties, click on set as wallpaper.

To add a preset effect to an image, right-click on it, move the cursor to the effect and select one of the effects, rotate the cursor to rotate the image and select the desired orientation Do it To increase the brightness, color, contrast, etc. of the image, right-click on them and increase their volume and capacity and move the slider to see how the image will look, now to restore that effect to the default value of any slider Click on the accompanying default icon, click the Default button to restore the image to its original position and click OK to save the changes made.