Deal: Get 10% off on Parallels Desktop for Mac

Get a 10% discount on Parallels Desktop for Mac, by choosing any product license of Parallels Desktop STD, Parallels Desktop PRO, and Parallels Desktop Business Edition. When you use the promo code: UTZ-2YX-IMP at checkout, you will receive 10% off Parallels Desktop; however, the deal will expire on October 27th, 2021 on Pacific Time only on the above-mentioned products.

Parallels Desktop is a Mac-based software that runs Microsoft Windows (including the latest Windows 11) directly on Mac computers with smooth and faster performance without rebooting. Their latest Parallels Desktop 17 (ver.17.1 now available) is fully optimized for Intel and Apple M1 chip Mac computers and now perform up to 38% faster, allowing users to resume Windows even faster.

Parallels Desktop can also run on Chrome OS devices (version 85 or later), allowing Chrome OS users to seamlessly run Windows OS on Chrome OS and enjoy powerful application compatibility, including complete Microsoft Office support and drag-and-drop file transfer between Chrome OS and Windows OS. Check out the newly added Chrome OS device support.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Price

The price of the Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard Edition starts at $79.99 (Rs.6,637.53 in India) (excluding tax or vat) for one year, whereas the one-time license cost around $99.99 (Rs.8,297.12 in India) (excluding tax or vat). Parallels Desktop Student Edition costs $39.99 (Reg.$79.99) (excluding tax or vat), student edition license only applicable for college students in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Korea, Japan, and the UK.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition will start at $99.99 (Rs.8,297.12 in India) per year (excluding tax or vat) which includes two extra applications: Parallels Toolbox & Parallels Access from Parallels without additional cost. Also, Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition will also start at the same price as Pro Edition which is $99.99 (Rs.8,297.12 in India) for one year (excluding tax or vat).

The Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition is only built for high-performance solutions and fully optimized for business and learning environments to run Windows applications on an Intel or Apple M1 chip Mac which increased productivity on Mac on Windows to run applications side by side. Also, centralized administration and management including single key installations. Mass deploy and mass manage Parallels Desktop and Windows VMs for your employees.

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