Facebook Announced Facebook News in the U.S. with Local News and Videos


Facebook launches a dedicated News section to journalism for all users in the United States. Facebook News will boost publishers to its platform with the promise of increased distribution. Facebook also added local news and video in the dedicated News section.

In October 2019, Facebook introduced this feature as a limited test in the U.S. Now Facebook officially debuts its Facebook News for all users in the U.S.

The Facebook News feature is live now on mobile, but the desktop tab will soon be available for the U.S.

The News tab will appear to all U.S. users as a bookmark (under the hamburger menu) on mobile, Facebook says. Those who frequently visit the bookmark will see News available as a tab (a button in the Facebook app) sooner.

Facebook has added new features in Facebook News, including breaking news alerts, timely news digests like COVID-19 news, targeted notifications and more.

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