Facebook Announced Game-Changing Women Sticker Pack for Messenger and Instagram

“During the International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month celebration, the Messenger team is elevating the voices of inspirational women and empowering conversation around fearless females everywhere.”

On Instagram and Messenger, the latest custom Game-Changing Women Sticker Pack is now available. Refinery29, a leading women’s media, and entertainment company have partnered with Facebook. Female leaders, artists, and athletes who have harnessed their passion and purpose to help break down barriers and empower future generations are featured in the Game-Changing Women sticker pack.

“Refinery29 is focused on inspiring, entertaining, and empowering their audience with diverse storytelling experiences and points of view. Acclaimed illustrator, Jade Purple Brown, designed the sticker pack with direction from Refinery29 editorial staff. She provides a fun and dynamic look at each of the trailblazing females and game-changing sentiments featured in the pack.”

Facebook Announced Game-Changing Women Sticker Pack for Messenger and Instagram

“At Refinery29, we celebrate women and underrepresented voices year-round and are always looking for creative and fresh ways for our audience to engage in these dialogues,” says Simone Oliver, Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29. “We’re excited to partner with Messenger to salute game-changing women and ideas, across communities past and present, that have paved the way for all generations to come.”

The Game-Changing Women sticker pack can be download from here, or you can access it from any Messenger conversation within the smiley face in the text box.

On Instagram Stories, you can access the sticker pack by pressing the sticker tool, selecting “GIF” and searching for any of the following keywords: “Game-Changing Women”, “Strong Women”, “Powerful Voices” and “Refinery29”. In Instagram direct messages, you can press the sticker tool and search for the same keywords.