Facebook Roll Out Black History Month Sticker Pack to Messenger & Messenger Kids

Facebook Roll Out Black History Month Sticker Pack to Messenger & Messenger Kids

Facebook added a limited-edition Black History Month Sticker Pack to Messenger and Messenger Kids, this camera stickers includes #BlackBoyJoy, #BlackGirlMagic, and #BlackHealthMatters.

Black History is written every day. It is constantly shaped by people who are living their stories out loud. From #BlackBoyJoy to #BlackGirlMagic to #BlackHealthMatters, social movements created by the Black community across our platforms are making waves around the world. The people that make up these movements have harnessed their purpose and passion to redefine the future. From entrepreneurs to pro-snowboarders and classically trained violinists, together they are building a rich and diverse legacy. At Messenger, we are encouraging conversation around their stories.


Black Boy Joy (#BlackBoyJoy) began as a way to capture a movement of unadulterated joy, exuberance, and positivity amongst black men and boys of all ages. It has circulated around the digital space and encouraged others, who exhibit a similar spirit, to share at the moment and express their pride, happiness, and warmth.

  • Brian Rice Jr.: FlyinBrian is a 16-year-old Pro Snowboarder from Farmington, Michigan, and is on the fast track to becoming the United State’s first Black Olympic snowboarder. He has earned invites twice in 2019 to attend Snowboard Project Gold bringing together the top junior athletes in the country. In 2021 he earned invites to the US Revolution Tour in Pipe, Slope, and Big Air.
  • Black Violin: Black Violin is an American hip hop duo from Fort Lauderdale, Florida transforming music by intermixing groundbreaking hip hop with classical ensembles. These two classically trained string instrumentalists, Kevin Sylvester and Wilner Baptiste play the violin and the viola, respectively.


Black Girl Magic (#BlackGirlMagic) is a movement popularized by CaShawn Thompson in 2013. Born as a means to “celebrate the beauty, power, and resilience of Black women,” this movement serves to acknowledge the charisma and numerous talents of so many Black women and girls and to congratulate Black women on their accomplishments.

  • froSkate: What began as three friends teaching one another the basics of skateboarding has evolved into a sisterhood of Womyn and POC centered skate crew based in Chicago. The crew works towards bringing women of color into the skateboarding world, many of whom are learning to skate for the first time, the crew prides itself on supporting each other and pushing their limits mentally and physically through skateboarding.
  • Yelitsa Jean-Charles: The Founder and CEO of start-up toy company Healthy Roots Dolls, Yelitsa is creating dolls and storybooks that empower young girls, represent the beauty of our diversity, and reinforce positive self-perceptions. Healthy Roots Dolls have a medley of facial features, skin tones, and hair textures along with multiple interests and aspirations, exposing young girls to their own unlimited career potential.


Roslyn Daniels founded the Black Health Matters (#BlackHealthMatters) movement to motivate and educate African American communities to take care of their health and to build genuine health equity amongst all communities. Her goal is to educate communities about inequities and to inspire a world where everyone can attain their full health potential, regardless of the color of their skin.

  • Ashley McGirt: As a counselor and racial trauma specialist, Ashley, the founder and President of the WA Therapy Fund Foundation, is using the power of therapy. She is a psychotherapist and author who focuses primarily on racial trauma, depression, and anxiety. Ashley actively works toward de-stigmatizing mental illness and strives to help others find happiness and healing within themselves.

Simply open the camera in the Messenger app, take pictures or videos and tap each of the featured stickers at the bottom of your screen to access the camera stickers. On Messenger Kids, use the Messenger Kids camera to open the app to take a screenshot or record a video, then tap the sticker icon at the bottom of your screen to add a camera sticker.

Facebook Roll Out Black History Month Sticker Pack to Messenger & Messenger Kids