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Our FREE blog setup services help you to create a beautiful website for you without additional cost, we’ll install the right configuration on your website that you want to use on your website, as well as we’ll help you to grow your website using our personal recommendation with some of the best tools out there.

So, it’s absolutely FREE? Really?

Yeah, you’re completely right, my friends (loud and clear), we’re going to create a free blog set up for you at no extra cost to you, so you just have to sit back and wait for our confirmation once you fill out the form below.

There are a variety of individuals out there, and they simply have no idea how to create the website or how to configure it properly. You don’t have to take this technical burden to your head, do you? We’re going to get you through this. All you need to do is sit back and we’ll do our job for you.

We’re just making things easier for you. In order to help you develop your website, with our free blog setup service we will configure and install all the necessary things you actually need on your website. We will install the required tools, as well as SEO tools to push traffic to your website, analytics tools to track your website, so you can monitor where users come from, etc. Oh! There’s more, if you want to monetize your website, we will also help you with that with our personal experience and some of the guidelines.

We have to divide FREE Blog Setup in two ways

If you are a technical person or knowledge in website environments, and you know about the domain name and web hosting, then you know the rest of the part. For the non-techy person, let us tell you about the domain name for the non-tech user, all websites require a Domain name (e.g.,, etc. in our case we have, so there are no such websites without a Domain name. Let us assume that you have sorted out the confusion in the domain name that we explained to you earlier in a simple way.

Web Hosting is the home of your website, where you can store content from your website, such as your files, images, videos, databases, emails, etc. Now you know the web hosting and domain name, we’re going to talk about the next steps. If you want us to create your website or blog for FREE, then these two basic procedures need to be followed so that we can take care of your rest.

Note: Before you fill out our FREE blog setup form, you need to sign up with our Web Hosting and Domain provider which is we have provided below with top of the Web Hosting provider companies. If you don’t sign up using our partner Web hosting or Domain providers then you will lose your FREE blog setup process. If you don’t understand or having problems then please contact me via my business address: [email protected] or you contact me via my Facebook or FB Messenger handler:

Sign up using our partner Website Hosting providers, so you can claim your FREE blog setup service. But first, please consider reading each and every procedure carefully before you fill out the form which we will add in the second steps, so you don’t miss anything about my FREE blog setup services.

Before you sign up, If you want to purchase your Domain name and Web Hosting plans separately, then you ready to go (this is optional but we will consider it), just sign up using our Domain name providers down below.

Before you purchase your Domain name and Web Hosting in a separate way, then the first thing we would like to tell you, my friends, actually why you need to purchase Domain name and Web Hosting in a separate way, because some of our partners provide a FREE Domain name with their Web Hosting plans, so why you waste that money on separate Domain purchasing. If you still want to purchase Domain name and Web Hosting separately, then you can go that, but make sure you must purchase your domain choice using our domain providers links.

Please Note: I/We DO NOT accept any external coupons, if you use any external coupon after you click on our partners’ links, then you’ll not qualified for a FREE blog setup.

We have already provided the best Web Hosting providers companies’ names in the list down below, so you don’t need to use any external coupon, actually, we have added our providers best of the best links with big discounts and special offers for you, so you don’t wanna miss out.

Just select our partners down below and select the best plans that suit you, and sign up with our partner’s links. If you have any problems then don’t hesitate to ask me. Please contact me with any problems I will definitely solve your problem. My contact details down below:

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Our Domain Providers (Optional)

Note: If you purchase your domain name from another company, which is not listed above, then you’ll not qualified for our FREE website setup services.

Step 1: Choose Web Hosting


Bluehost Transparent HighRes

Bluehost is one of the oldest Web Hosting provider company since 2003, later it becomes the largest Web Hosting brand name when it comes to WordPress Hosting. Bluehost is the official WordPress Web Hosting provider company recommended by Bluehost is the best and recommended Web Hosting solution for beginners and small businesses.

Bluehost top services: Bluehost provides top-notch services including Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Hosting solution, they also offering Domains (Actually you’ll get a free domain name with their Web Hosting plans). Bluehost also offering on-demand professional emails (eg. [email protected]), in a partnership with Microsoft for Microsoft 365 application.



DreamHost is another Web Hosting company recommended by DreamHost is the oldest Web Hosting company since 1996, it offers unlimited web storage, unlimited bandwidth, and automatic WordPress updates. Recently in 2015, DreamHost launched its Managed WordPress solution called “DreamPress”, they build DreamPress for fast, secure, and optimized for WordPress, DreamPress also offer its fast SSD based storage for outstanding performance.

DreamHost top services: Shared Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting (DreamPress), VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. DreamHost also offers Domains names, they included free domain if you planning to buy their web hosting.

There is an interesting thing about DreamHost when you register your Domain name on DreamHost, they provide free domain privacy protection without any cost, while the other Web Hosting providers and Domain name providers do not offer this type of free solution you have to buy it separately if you need domain protection. But with DreamHost Domain registration you will not be charged for your Domain privacy, even if you buy DreamHost Web Hosting which is come with the free Domain name of your choice.

Please see the image down below, which will show how DreamHost protects your Domain name privacy.

Screenshot 2021 01 18 195508


Hostinger Horizontal Purple

Hostinger is better known as the low-cost Web Hosting provider in the hosting list. You will get much cheaper as cheaper plans on Hostinger, their plans are best suitable for newbie, and small types of businesses. If you larger plan in the future, you can easily upgrade whenever you need, they offer Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Hosting when you have a plan for expanding your Website capability.

Hostinger offers the fastest speed using its LiteSpeed cache solution for WordPress. You can also claim your free domain when you purchase their Web Hosting Plans. They offer great customer support like every other Web Hosting company does.

Hostinger top services: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Minecraft Hosting, VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, Domain names, as well as Premium Email services like Google Workspace, and Titan email service at a very reasonable price than Google Workspace.


Master Logo

CloudWays is a popular platform allowing you to host your website on Google Cloud & Amazon AWS servers. The hosting plans start as low as $10 a month. Their pricing model makes it easier for beginner bloggers to host their high traffic websites without worrying about prices. The best part is you don’t even need to have much technical knowledge to configure it. Even a non-techy person can configure and host his website on this platform.


kinsta logo alpha purple

Kinsta is one of the best hosting providers providing powerful solutions for heavy traffic websites. Its business plans are designed to provide space for unlimited traffic. This will keep your website active and running, regardless of the traffic you receive. It also provides some additional security features that will help you fight against malicious attacks, DDoS attacks, etc. It also provides free assistance on migrating your existing sites to a new server that will help you to shift your website to their server.

Get 2 months FREE!

WP Engine


WP Engine is one of the best hosting providers providing hosting solutions to both small and big enterprises. Many business houses trust their services to host their business websites. Their hosting plans start from $25 a month and they offer different hosting plans for different business needs. They do offer some additional features which include real-time security, automatic upgrades, migration assistance, etc.

Use coupon: wpe3free to get 3-month of WP Engine for FREE.


flywheel logo horz blue

A FlyWheel is the only company providing powerful and managed WordPress hosting solutions at affordable prices. Their hosting plans start from $13 a month and they have more than 5 different plans for their customers. You can choose the one which suits your budget and needs. They do provide a hosting blueprint that you can use to design a Pre-installed package with your favorite elements so that you can get your WordPress website ready within seconds.



GreenGeeks is another well-known WordPress Hosting with its blazing fast website speed. GreenGeeks also offers nightly back solution for your WordPress websites, they also offer free services like free CDN and free WordPress website migration, and a built-in staging environment. They also provide 24/7 U.S. based support including chat, phone, and ticket.

Every GreenGeeks plan includes a Free SSL Certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt. GreenGeeks also provide their blazing fast SSD based storage rather than HDD based storage, which means your website can run much faster than before. They also provide a built-in cache tool called LiteSpeed LS Cache for the WordPress plugin, which enables your WordPress website to perform up to 4X faster.

GreenGeeks top services: Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting.


Full Logo HG 01

More than 8 million domains register at HostGator, and it is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the WordPress hosting list. HostGator offers a 1-click WordPress installation, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as 24/7 support. It is the best choice for both beginners and small business owners. They included 1-year domain name and SSL certificate for free.

HostGator top services: Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Domain Name, Email Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting.


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Weebly is a fast and very powerful drag and drops website builder, which allows you to customize your website to your needs. With Weebly, everyone can create a beautiful and high-quality website, with optimization on any device.

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