‘G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout’ now available to Xbox One

‘G.I. Joe Operation Blackout’ now available to Xbox One
(Image credit: GameMill Entertainment)

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Since the early ’60s, the G.I. Joe brand has been around and has taken on several different forms. The members of the G.I. occasionally. In familiar camouflage, Joe’s team looks like your average military soldier, sometimes they look more like Channing Tatum. While there may be a discussion about what the acronym is in G.I. Joe stands for (general infantry? Issue of government? Galvanized iron?), the best iteration of the G.I. is not debated.

Joe franchise-the version of the ’80s comic book that inspired the iconic animated show. And the’s the edition of “G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout” is looking for inspiration.

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is a local multiplayer third-person shooter game where you play from both viewpoints of the immortal G.I. Joe versus confrontation with Cobra. The original story of the game played through 17 campaign missions, actually starts during a rare failure moment for the G.I. Team Joe. As technology is made useless, Cobra successfully pulls off a concerted assault that results in anarchy across the globe. Cobra is in command and it is up to G.I.’s tiny surviving band. Joe’s soldiers will strike back and take Cobra down.

Seeing both sides of the conflict means that you will play with both the heroes and the villains, including Snake Eyes, Duke, Roadblock, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Destro, and more that we hope to keep secret, including many unplayable characters from the universe of G.I Joe that you will recognize. In Capture the Flag, Attack, King of The Hill, and, of course, the Deathmatch Arena, you can play campaign missions with a local friend or play local multiplayer with three friends. Without any kind of Deathmatch mode, you’re simply not able to release a multiplayer shooter.

The “G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout” is now available as the Standard Edition on Xbox One, as well as the Deluxe Version, featuring a bunch of goodies such as the Classic Duke & Classic Cobra Commander Character Skin Pack, the Battle Gear: G.I. Joe and Cobra Weapons Pack, a digital artbook, and the 80’s TV show digital soundtrack.