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This is not a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, but we have brought you Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things. Some of her favorite things are listed below, including Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset at the top of her list.

These are only the first 48; the rest will be added by tomorrow (We promise to add the entire list by tomorrow before 6:30 p.m. UTC). The complete list has been added; good luck and enjoy Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Meta Quest 2 VR Headset

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Leeway Home The Full Way - 44 Piece Set

Last update was on: Jun 10, 2023, 7:15 PM UTC

Oprah’s review: When the first iteration of this virtual reality headset came out, we made it a Favorite Thing because we loved the way it allowed you to play games, take fitness classes, and explore far-off places. This updated version allows you to do all that and more. Now you can explore every inch of the metaverse with a pal who also has a headset. — Oprah

Amazon Echo Show 15

Oprah’s review: Adam Glassman hung the latest Echo Show on the wall of his kitchen and uses it every day. The 15.6-inch HD screen has a sleek frame, so it almost looks like a piece of art. You can use it to sync family calendars, write digital notes to one another, and create to-do lists. Or, like Adam, you can stream your favorite show while you cook. — Oprah

Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

Oprah’s review: Point this smart projector onto any wall to turn it into a big screen. You can use your favorite streaming apps from it, and it’s got powerful speakers, just like a movie theater. — Oprah

Monterey by Citrine Mixing Bowl

Oprah’s review: These nesting bowls are well-crafted, and the neutral color will go in any kitchen. They even come with a handy spout to make pouring pancake batter (or anything else) easy to do without drips or spills. — Oprah

Mantra Sock Boc by Sticky Be Socks

Oprah’s review: Sure, socks are a practical present, but these feel special—and nostalgic. They remind me of the “seven days of undies” I wore as a kid. Each pair has an inspirational saying (like Be Mindful and Be Happy) to bring a little pep to your step. — Oprah

Maya J Jewelry Bracelet Hair Ties

Oprah’s review: Stocking stuffer alert! These ponytail holders are cute enough to double as bracelets until they’re needed to swoop up hair. They come in a set of three, and the yellow or white gold will suit any style. — Oprah

The Emergency Pack Bundle by Judy

Oprah’s review: Whether it’s a natural disaster or a local power outage, you never want to be caught unprepared. This waterproof backpack comes with a 53-piece emergency kit, including essentials like a first-aid kit, water, and more. It also contains two rechargeable lanterns, which each have 20 hours of battery life. — Oprah

The Marshmallow Lounger by Softies

Oprah’s review: When Gayle saw this, she immediately said, “I’m definitely getting this—the gray one and the blue one!” I live in Softies, and this ultra-soft lounger (it’s called Marshmallow fabric for a reason) works as well for running errands with some boots as it does for a cozy night in with a pair of snuggly socks. — Oprah

iLola Teas Tea Disk Essentials Set

Oprah’s review: Gotta love a good innovation! This company took the idea of loose-leaf tea and took the mess out of it. Each serving of tea comes in a little disc. Place it in the infuser, pour in your hot water, and you’ve got the perfect cup. This set wins extra points for how sleek it is. — Oprah

Caroline’s Cakes Sweet Potato Cake

Oprah’s review: I’ve highlighted some of the other goodies from this bakery in years past, but lately Gayle is loving the sweet potato cake. The Southern classic is surprisingly light and not too sweet, and the cream cheese frosting adds just enough tang. — Oprah

Seacycled Duck Float Boot by Sperry

Oprah’s review: Come rain, sleet, or slush, these boots will get you through with a water-resistant, durable design made from recycled polyester. My favorite part: The zipper makes them easy to get on and off. — Oprah

Taste of Trapani by Bona Furtuna

Oprah’s review: Just outside of Corleone, Sicily, is Bona Furtuna, an organic farm that promotes sustainable farming and heritage food. This beautiful set includes busiate pasta, marinara sauce, and herbs—so you’re essentially giving the gift of a hearty Italian dinner. — Oprah

Revolution Cooking InstaGLO R270 toaster

Oprah’s review: This toaster lives up to its name. It’s revolutionary. Consider this the iPhone of toasters. You can use the touchscreen to select one of seven brownness levels, and special heat technology means your bread gets crispy on the outside but stays soft and moist inside. Need to throw frozen slices in there? No prob! Craving a panini? It even has an attachment for that. — Oprah

Bloomhouse 12 Piece Triply Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Oprah’s review: These durable pots and pans don’t just look chic—they work hard, too! Each one in the 12-piece set is coated in nontoxic, nonstick ceramic and is oven-safe up to 550 degrees. Two of the pans included in the set even come with ceramic steamers, so you can easily make healthy veggie sides in a flash with little to no oil. — Oprah

Santa Barbara Design Foot Care Gift Set

Oprah’s review: Know someone who spends their days on their feet? Or who is about to walk into the next phase of their life? Gift them this classy footcare set: a foot scrubber to tackle dry, rough soles and a foot roller to massage sore areas. — Oprah

Holiday SuperLatter Kit by Clevr Blends

Oprah’s review: This woman-led wellness brand is beloved by my neighbor Meghan—and I’m a big fan, too! The set comes with an energizing chai blend and a nighttime blend that tastes like hot cocoa. There’s even a frother included, so you feel like you’re getting a coffee shop latte at home. — Oprah

Montes Doggett Handmade Oil & Vinegar

Oprah’s review: It’s always good to have a few no-brainer hostess gifts up your sleeve. Here’s one of those. This oil-and-vinegar set comes in handmade ceramic bottles that are made in Peru using a traditional technique that can take up to 15 days. I own a few pieces from this brand and can tell you they’re top-notch. — Oprah

Queen Bee Body Butter Gift Set

Oprah’s review: These decadently creamy body butters are hard to beat. They’re so easy to apply and contain shea butter, cocoa butter, and royal jelly to hydrate, strengthen, and protect skin—including extra-rough spots. Original is scented with blackberry and rose; Rosemary Lavender is calming; and Chamomile & Myrrh and Tupelo Honey are extra gentle for sensitive skin. Split them among you and your friends. — Oprah

Salty Seattle Rainbow Gnocchi Pasta

Oprah’s review: How fun are these?! They look like colorful croissants, but they’re actually ricotta gnocchi! Linda Miller Nicholson is the brains behind this operation. Based in Seattle, she spent years teaching pasta-making classes and was known around town for selling rainbow-colored pasta dough. These bright little gnocchi are her latest offering. — Oprah

De’Longhi Magnifica Evo Espresso Machine

Oprah’s review: Latte? Cappuccino? Macchiato? Whatever strikes your fancy, this machine is like having your own personal barista at home with you. The best part? All you have to do is roll out of bed and touch the button with the drink you want. — Oprah

PlantOGram Live Frantoio Olive Container Plant Tree

Oprah’s review: I am a firm believer in the power of nature. So one of my go-to gifts is an olive tree—which just so happens to be a universal symbol of friendship. PlantOGram will ship an olive tree that can be placed inside or outside to anyone you want. They’re about two to three feet tall and come wrapped in a rustic burlap sack. I have one growing by my tub! — Oprah

Costa Brazil SAL DE BANHOBath Salt

Oprah’s review: The blend of Epsom and mineral sea salts, Brazilian white clay, and earthy wood notes in these bath salts calm muscles, skin, and mood. Plus, the canister looks so nice sitting on your counter. What more could you possibly ask for? — Oprah

Stone Hollow Farmstead Movie Night Trio

Oprah’s review: When my daughter-girls come to visit, we almost always do a movie night. And, of course, a big bowl of popcorn is a must. This gorgeous gift box comes with high-quality kernels harvested in Alabama, rosemary-infused olive oil, and sea salt, so you can make a gourmet treat to snack on. — Oprah

Brightland Co. Olive Oil Set

Oprah’s review: A present that looks as good as it tastes? You can’t go wrong with that. This set includes four different olive oils—one infused with lemon, another with garlic, one with basil, and one with a mixture of chili, jalapeño, paprika, and chipotle. Use them on salads or dunk crusty slices of French bread in them. Each sleek white bottle has a label specially crafted by an artist—so they look pretty sitting out on your counter, too! — Oprah

TRUFF Essentials Starter Pack

Oprah’s review: I dare you to find a better hot sauce. Truff’s black truffle hot sauce is one of the most-used condiments in my house—it’s been on my list many times! This set includes my go-to, along with black truffle oil and truffle salt. Yum! — Oprah

Theragun Mini Massager by Therabody

Oprah’s review: Give the gift of a tension-relieving massage anytime, anywhere with the new Theragun Mini, which is even more compact and lighter than the original mini—and just look at the desert rose hue. Connect it to the Therabody app for guided recovery routines. — Oprah

One Part Co. Cocktail Infusion Kit

Oprah’s review: At my house, we often infuse vodka or tequila with ingredients from my garden for fun cocktails. This company, founded by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs, makes it easy for you to make your own. The set comes with an infusion bottle and seven different infusion packets in flavors like smoky, citrus, and more. You just mix one with your spirit of choice, let it sit for a few hours, and it’s ready to go. — Oprah

Warm Up Slipper Bootie by Dearfoams

Oprah’s review: Some days you need your slippers to go the distance, like from the house to the mailbox. With quilted nylon on the outside and memory foam insoles, this plush pair, perfect for both moms and dads, makes it feel like you’re walking on a cloud. — Oprah

Coravin Wine Preservation System

Oprah’s review: This gadget allows you to open a bottle of wine and pour a glass without ever removing the cork (yes, really!). The result: You can keep a bottle of wine for much longer, having a glass here or there. Along with the wine preserver, you’ll get an aerator and a bottle sleeve, too. Cheers to that! — Oprah

The Hudson Valley Jam Trio Gift Set

Oprah’s review: Made in small batches by a husband-and-wife duo in upstate New York, these jams pack a ton of flavor. This set comes with hot pepper jelly, lemon curd, and strawberry-rhubarb jam. A fun tip Adam Glassman shared with me: Put a little jam in your cocktail to add sweetness. — Oprah

Maple Syrup Gift Box by Laurel and Ash

Oprah’s review: Use this maple syrup to sweeten beverages, on top of pancakes and waffles, or on plain Greek yogurt. Just as great, it comes in such a statement-making box—I wouldn’t even bother wrapping it. — Oprah

8Greens Made from Real Greens Gift Set

Oprah’s review: I add these fizzy peach-flavored capsules to water for a daily dose of vitamins (one capsule equates to 15 cups of broccoli, six oranges, six cups of spinach, three cups of peas, and seven cups of milk). The new peach-flavored gummies are also delicious! — Oprah

Plate & Pattern handwoven Seagrass plates and Green Plaid plate liners

Oprah’s review: Meet the more eco-friendly way to do disposable dinnerware. With these sets, you get pretty plates made out of metal or woven seagrass. Then you get disposable parchment-paper liners to place on top. Not only does it look pretty, but when people are done eating, you can compost the liners. — Oprah

Compartes Chocolates – Treasures of the Orchard Chocolate Gift Box

Oprah’s review: You know I love a good produce haul. So when I saw that this family-owned chocolate company was taking California-grown fruits (like apricots, strawberries, and more) and dipping them in chocolate for this gift box? I just had to include it on my list. — Oprah

Honest Baby Holiday Family Jammies

Oprah’s review: I know what I’ll be getting Gayle’s daughter, Kirby, and family. From Jessica Alba’s Honest Baby, these photo-worthy pajamas are sustainably made from organic cotton, and there’s sizing for everyone from grown-ups to toddlers, and even a matching bandanna for your pet! — Oprah

Oprah’s The Life You Want Love and Happiness Journal

Oprah’s review: My intention with this journal: To help you love yourself more fully and, in turn, strengthen your relationships with those around you. In these 12 chapters, through guided prompts and thought-provoking questions, you’ll work on learning to set boundaries, communicate better, and more. After all, your greatest power is your ability to love—to show it, receive it, and validate others. Gift this to anyone you love, and then join us on starting in January, where we will have a monthly “The Life You Want” Class that corresponds to the journal. — Oprah

Cece Dupraz Custom Embroidered Apron

Oprah’s review: I know a lot of parents and grandparents who will get a kick out of this gift. Give it to a child and let them doodle with the drawing kit, then their parent sends their masterpiece to the company and it will be embroidered on a 100 percent cotton canvas apron and sent back. — Oprah

Marshmallow Bear Warmies – Lavender Scented Stuffed Animals

Oprah’s review: Here’s a soothing gift for the young and not-so-young. Pop one of these stuffed animals into the microwave to warm it up, then cuddle its weighted body and inhale the scent of lavender. They’re great for stress or tummy aches. — Oprah

Oprah’s Limited Edition Inspiration Cards!

Oprah’s review: I start each day with an intention while having a cup of chai. Want to join me? I worked with the Oprah Daily team to create a keepsake box that contains 365 cards (one for each day of the year!). Each is printed with one of my favorite quotes, or a few words from yours truly, on one side and a breathing exercise on the other. It is my hope that this will help make living well a daily practice! — Oprah

Musee Bath Engraved Soap Set

Oprah’s review: Stedman and I love a big bar of soap. These are generously sized and inspiring, with words like kindness and hope etched into them. Plus, you’ll be supporting a woman-owned company that hires women in recovery, people with disabilities, and those who have lived in chronic poverty. — Oprah

800-Piece Puzzle Kit by Jiggy Puzzles

Oprah’s review: The founder of this company fell in love with puzzles as a form of stress release and meditation—and she wanted to help others enjoy the pastime, too. The 800-piece puzzles feature artwork by emerging female artists and come in a reusable glass jar that includes a tube of jigsaw puzzle glue and a straight-edge tool to spread the glue to transform the finished product into a piece of art. — Oprah

Eyeshadow Palette Sets by Laura Geller

Oprah’s review: Makeup artist Laura Geller has been helping women of all ages feel and look their best for decades. Her latest palettes take the guesswork out of makeup; each contains six eyeshadows, a blush, and a highlighter in shades that look flattering on all skin tones. — Oprah

The Cravory Cookies Best Sellers Mix

Oprah’s review: Not just your average chocolate chip cookies (though they have those, too!), this San Diego–based business offers fun flavors like birthday cake, red velvet, and lemon bar. This 18-cookie pack comes with a mix of its bestsellers, which are baked to order and so soft, ensuring that the lucky recipient gets the freshest possible treats. — Oprah

National Park Puffy Blanket by Rumpl

Oprah’s review: Take this water-resistant, machine-washable blanket anywhere! It’s part of the National Parks Collection and is made from recycled plastic bottles. Also nice: Every purchase gives back to the National Park Foundation. — Oprah

Waffle Bath Towel Set by Cozy Earth

Oprah’s review: I take bathing very seriously—and having a great towel to wrap yourself in afterward is key. This set comes with a waffle texture on one side that looks good hanging in your bathroom, while the other side is terry cloth that’s soft and absorbent. — Oprah

Bodynanny Scrub and Sponge Set

Oprah’s review: Gloria Williams, a.k.a. the Footnanny, has been caring for my feet for years, and she has a new bodycare collection. She knows I love the smell of eucalyptus, so she made this sugar scrub scented with it. It’s divine! — Oprah

5-Piece Brush Set by Laruce Beauty

Oprah’s review: I’m very particular about makeup brushes. These are cruelty-free, soft, and easy to clean, and they come in a case that keeps them organized on your vanity and makes travel easy. The set includes the five brushes makeup pros reach for over and over again: a large powder brush, a brush for blush or bronzer, an eyeshadow brush, a tapered blending brush, and a concealer brush. — Oprah

Cozy Sherpa Throw by House

Oprah’s review: This throw is lined in the softest sherpa, but the outside is chic organic cotton that comes in three colors—a cinnamony shade, a cream color, and, my favorite, a mossy green. — Oprah

Oprah’s review: Have a holiday party on your schedule? This Santa cookie jar would make a sweet hostess gift. The jolly guy comes in three different skin tones, and each jar is hand-painted. Fill it with your favorite treats before gifting. — Oprah

Paravel Fold Up Travel Backpack

Oprah’s review: Made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles fashioned into lightweight, water-resistant nylon, its party trick is that it can fold up into a zippable pouch you can stow away in your luggage, so you have an extra bag. — Oprah

Travel Makeup Case by TRVL Design

Oprah’s review: The makeup lover in your life will surely be into these woven cosmetic cases. They look luxe and are just the right size to stash makeup and some skincare. You also really get bang for your buck with one big top handle mama case plus two baby pouches. — Oprah

The Full Way Set by Leeway Home

Oprah’s review: I have set up many of my daughter-girls’ new homes, and I wish I’d known about this 44-piece dinnerware set. It comes with big and small plates, bowls, water glasses, wine glasses, and cutlery. In other words, everything someone starting out needs. Plus, it looks great. — Oprah

K. Carroll Accessories Vegan-Suede Tote

Oprah’s review: We all have a friend who carries a sizable amount of stuff around on a daily basis. (I’m talking to you, Gayle!) Not too big or too small, this vegan suede tote is just the right size for your on-the-go loved one in need of a stylish solution. — Oprah

Kids Jeweled Gloves by Super Smalls

Oprah’s review: Keep precious hands toasty for trips to the skating rink and walks to school. I can just hear the squeals of delight when little girls open these and see that the gloves aren’t just functional—they’re covered in jewels at the cuffs and on a finger to look like a ring! — Oprah

Western Chief Children’s Rain Boots

Oprah’s review: Keep your kids’ feet dry while they splash around in the rain. These all-natural rubber rain boots come in fun designs and are lined in absorbent cotton. Plus, the handles at the top make them easy to pull on and off. Gayle has already nabbed a pair for Luca! — Oprah

Pepper Creek Farms Hot Chocolates Crate

Oprah’s review: ’Tis the season to curl up with a steaming mug of hot cocoa! This family-run business offers a variety pack of options that make it even more fun to whip up a cup. The hardest part? Figuring out what flavor you’ll try first—the toasted marshmallow and salted caramel are especially yummy. — Oprah

Midnight Kitchen Tools Set

Oprah’s review: No one expects pieces like these to be so fancy-schmancy-looking! This set comes with a pizza cutter and an ice cream scoop that are made from stainless steel and have ergonomic handles. — Oprah

Giselle Pearl Earring by Shashi

Oprah’s review: With a real-deal baroque-style pearl, these elegant earrings are substantial in size and look just as good with jeans as they do with a little black dress. — Oprah

Minnetonka Suede Indoor/Outdoor Slipper

Oprah’s review: Slippers should always be an aah moment for feet. These easy-to-wear, indoor-outdoor slides show your toes but are still nice and cushy, courtesy of a toasty cloudlike faux-fur lining and cushioned footbed. — Oprah

Sweatshirt Jumpsuit by Rivet Utility

Oprah’s review: A jumpsuit is my living, working, traveling uniform. I think I own more jumpsuits from this L.A. brand than any other. This one is made from the softest French terry. And since it zips up and down, bathroom breaks are a breeze. — Oprah

Nori Press Steamer Iron Duo

Oprah’s review: This gadget quickly presses both sides of a shirt, dress, or pair of pants and reaches its highest temperature in three minutes. You can also use it to steam or refresh clothes. And with people traveling again, it’s ideal to throw into your suitcase. — Oprah

Murphy and Daughters Hand Cream Set

Oprah’s review: Not sure what to get for someone? Hand creams are my go-to. They’re a thoughtful gift, especially for someone who has been kind to you. These Australian aloe-vera-based formulas feel silky, absorb quickly, and come in a tin box that was designed just for us. — Oprah

Striped Cotton Tee by Kule

Oprah’s review: I put this shirt on when I saw it, and that was it—love at first sight. This cotton design is lightweight and soft, and the simple stripes work on anyone, whichever color you go for. — Oprah

Poppy and Pout Premium Lip Tint Gift Set

Oprah’s review: These natural beeswax, sunflower, and coconut oil balms are making their return to Favorite Things, but now they come in six new tints. Hand-poured in Idaho with recyclable cardboard packaging, these sheer colors would be great for a young person in your life. — Oprah

Panettone by This is From Roy

Oprah’s review: Roy Shvartzapel spent a decade perfecting how to make this Italian sweet bread—and boy, did he ever! He’s updated the classic baked good so it’s the lightest and airiest thing you’ll ever taste. And he offers it in flavors like pumpkin maple pecan and pistachio amarena cherry. I use it to make French toast on Christmas morning. — Oprah

Zodax Shagreen Box with Suede Interior

Oprah’s review: These days, it feels like there are so many remote controls just hanging around. This decorative leather box looks and feels so nice, with its suede interior. Put all your remotes in it, place it on the coffee table, and instantly your space is less junked up. — Oprah

LED Light Up Cap by Roq Innovation

Oprah’s review: Whether you’re a late-night jogger or have a furry friend who needs a before-bedtime walk, these clever caps from a Chicago-based women-owned company won’t leave you in the dark. Great for women and men, they have a rechargeable light with three brightness levels and come in a bunch of colors. — Oprah

Lands’ End Quilted Maxi Coat

Oprah’s review: This coat has a classic yet updated look that feels high-end, with quilting and big front pockets. It’s water-resistant and made from recycled insulation that was tested for warmth in temps as low as -13 degrees F. — Oprah

Five Days of Hoops by Sterling Forever

Oprah’s review: Hoops are my thing. So we curated the Five Days of Hoops (in silver or gold tones) in order to have an earring for every occasion, whether it calls for something understated or large and in charge. Fun to open and fabulous to wear—a win-win. — Oprah

Cheese & Charcuterie Board by Boarderie

Oprah’s review: Give the gift of grazing. Boarderie was founded by two caterers who had to pivot during the pandemic. So they started selling already assembled charcuterie boards. Shipped overnight, this beautifully arranged board arrives with 35 hand-selected artisanal cheeses, meats, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and three boxes of crackers—all laid out on a keepsake acacia board. — Oprah

Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Oprah’s review: The husband-and-wife team behind Girlfriend Collective (Gayle, a huge fan, told me about them) is making activewear more inclusive with this design that comes in sizes XS to 6XL. The pieces are sweat-wicking, high-compression, and high-waisted, and 79 percent of the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. — Oprah

Automatic Spice Grinder by Finamill

Oprah’s review: Know a passionate home cook? With this gadget, they can push a button and freshly grind spices. Fill it with peppercorns, coarse salt, toasted garlic—you get the idea. — Oprah

Wireless Charging Pad by Brouk and Co.

Oprah’s review: No more messy cables! This wireless charging mat is big enough to hold your phone, earbuds, and Apple watch—meaning you only need one cord to charge three things. It’s available in a variety of shades (I like the off-white) and comes with a sleek travel pouch. — Oprah

2-in-1 Garment & Duffel by Brouk and Co.

Oprah’s review: Travel is baaaaack! This smart carryall makes schlepping your stuff for an overnight getaway goof-proof. Fill up the garment bag first, then add a couple of pairs of shoes to the side pockets and zip it all up so it transforms into a duffel bag before you put in the rest of your essentials. — Oprah

Spanx Half-Zip Pullover and Wide-Leg Pant

Oprah’s review: You might know Spanx for its shapewear, but it also does fantastic cozy clothes. When I tell you this set feels light as air, I’m not kidding. It’s my new leisure suit. The perfectly loose-and-lightweight fabric is like buttah! — Oprah

Lip Gloss Collection by 2.4.1 Cosmetics

Oprah’s review: Gloss is back in a big way, but this time, it’s not at all sticky, thanks to brand founders Feven and Helena Yohannes, who are twins and political refugees from Eritrea. Their set comes with six hues that are perfect for all skin tones. — Oprah

Old Saint Wick Candle by Snif

Oprah’s review: Pine and sandalwood combine with balsam and apple blossom for a scent that will fill the house with cheer. The 8.5-ounce version gives you 50-plus hours of burn time, while the 50-ounce one gives a whopping 200-plus hours. — Oprah

Travel Pet Carrier by Roverlund

Oprah’s review: This pet carrier is airline-compliant, comes with a bonus leash, and is made from durable fabric that will hold up to that travel wear and tear. The small size is good for pups up to 15 pounds, while the large fits animals up to 25 pounds. — Oprah

Chiara Hat Scarf Set by Tourance

Oprah’s review: If a scarf, a hat, and earmuffs had a baby, you’d get this warming wonder. A design I’ve never seen before, it has special coverings on the side so ears aren’t left out in the cold. It also comes with a separate neck warmer that can be pulled up to keep your nose nice and toasty. — Oprah

Pi Pizza Oven by Solo Stove

Oprah’s review: Homemade pizza night is a regular occasion at my house. I like mine with fresh truffle shaved on top! This pizza oven lets you bake restaurant-grade pies from the comfort of your backyard. Attach it to the gas burner, or use the wood-burning function—the choice is yours! — Oprah

Dock and Bay Reusable Makeup Removers

Oprah’s review: If you, like me, have ruined a few towels from washing off makeup, then you need these eco-friendly, reusable makeup removers. Wet one with water, swipe, then place it in the included bag and toss in the wash. — Oprah

Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Natemia

Oprah’s review: I have a feeling Gayle will be picking up a few of these for Luca, too. The hooded towels, which are made in Turkey, are so soft. And they maintain their plushness as you wash them. — Oprah

Canvas Phone Crossbody Pack by JW Pei

Oprah’s review: Have someone on your list whose cell is always attached to their hip? This crossbody makes life easier. It fits most phones, has slots for credit cards, and comes in cheery colors. — Oprah

Totally Bamboo Family Tree Carving Board

Oprah’s review: Want to know what I said the first time I laid eyes on this carving board? “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Not only is this tree etching display-worthy, it serves a purpose—it directs juices away from meat you’re carving and into a larger well. — Oprah

Striped Wrap/Scarf by Alpine Cashmere

Oprah’s review: You can’t go wrong giving the gift of cashmere. This versatile design can be a scarf, a wrap, or even a travel blanket. Plus, the stripes give it some oomph. It’s hard to choose a fave color combo—they’re all so great. — Oprah

The Motli Light by USB Lighter Co.

Oprah’s review: Forget matches. This rechargeable lighter creates a small electric spark that allows you to light candles, your fireplace, or even a campfire. To help you see what you’re trying to light in the dark, it also contains an LED flashlight. — Oprah

Ray-Ban x Meta Smart Glasses

Oprah’s review: Now, this is cool—in fact, it might just be the gift of the year! They look like classic, streamlined Wayfarer sunglasses, but they actually connect to your phone. You can listen to music or podcasts, answer calls, and even take pictures and videos. A simple tap or voice command is all it takes to do these things. And they charge in their case! — Oprah

Stemless Wine Chiller by VoChill

Oprah’s review: Picture this: You pour yourself a nice glass of chilled wine. But pretty soon, it’s warm. This crafty little device solves that problem. Keep the cradle in the freezer until you pour your wine into a stemless glass, which you place in the cradle to keep your wine crisp from first sip to last. — Oprah

Take a Bow Readers by Peepers

Oprah’s review: I often pick my glasses to match my outfit, and these specs are terrific. Used as readers or to filter the blue light from your devices, the oversize frame with tortoise on top and color on the bottom will flatter most faces. At $29, you might want to treat yourself to a pair, too. — Oprah

Benevolence LA Velvet Travel Jewelry Box

Oprah’s review: Nobody wants their jewelry jingle-jangling freely in their suitcase. This jazzy velvet travel case keeps your prized pieces stylishly contained with spaces for rings, bracelets, and necklaces. And it’s small enough to stash in your purse. — Oprah

Archive Bubble Bath by Margot Elena

Oprah’s review: Something I know for sure is that you need a generous pour of bubble bath for the best tub experience. I’ve picked Margot Elena’s bubble baths a few times before because the extra-large glass bottles are so gorgeous. This year’s blends smell of grapefruit and neroli, green tea and willow, and rose hip and lavender. — Oprah

Brown Toy Box Children’s STEM Puzzles

Oprah’s review: Founded by an Atlanta-based mom, the mission of this toy company is to help Black children see positive depictions of themselves in the toys they play with. These giant 48-piece puzzles depict kids engaged in STEM activities (like coding and astronomy). — Oprah

Grace Eleyae All-Satin Knot Turban

Oprah’s review: Some people learned to make sourdough bread during lockdown; I learned to tie a headscarf. If you’re still working on your wrapping skills, Grace Eleyae’s knotted turbans make it easy. They help reduce frizz and retain moisture, thanks to the satin lining. — Oprah

Silk Eye Pillow Sleep Masks by Asutra

Oprah’s review: Superstar Venus Williams is a co-owner of Asutra, the brand that makes this weighted silk eye pillow. It blocks light and is filled with lavender to help you relax. Adjust the strap for fit, remove the inner pouch if you want to make it lighter, or slide in the included gel mask (store it in the freezer) to depuff your eye area. — Oprah

Santa Barbara Design Garden Tool Box

Oprah’s review: You know I love to garden! This affordable set is perfect for someone who is just starting to embrace their green thumb. It comes with a spade, a cultivator, and a weeder—plus instructions on planting an herb garden. — Oprah

Shinery Radiance Wash Jewelry Cleaner

Oprah’s review: A female-founded and veteran-operated business had a gem of an idea: hand soap that cleans your jewelry at the same time—so you don’t have to take off your rings and risk losing them while washing! What a cute, useful present for anyone who loves to really sparkle. — Oprah

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Oprah’s review: If you read it, you can be it. This book features 100 stories of barrier-breaking activists, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other impressive young women under the age of 30—like Greta Thunberg, Bindi Irwin, Keke Palmer, and more. — Oprah

Kids Paint-by-Number Kit by Pink Picasso Kits

Oprah’s review: Encourage a budding artist (and keep kids busy sans screen time) with one of these bright and cheery paint-by-number kits. Of all the fun design options, I happen to think the ice cream cone and robot are particularly cute. Each kit includes a template-printed canvas, a four-brush set, and handy little pots of acrylic paint. — Oprah

Sophistiplate Acacia Wood Serving Tray

Oprah’s review: Put this perfect charcuterie tray out for a party, and you’ll get lots of oohs and aahs. The board is made from acacia wood and has the word gather carved into it. Use the larger ceramic plate for cheeses and the smaller dishes for things like olives, nuts, and fruit. — Oprah

Skincare and Cleansers from Dr. Sturm

Oprah’s review: This is how I keep my skin glowing. My favorites are the cleanser, which is a gentle foam that takes off all my makeup, the enzyme cleanser, which is a powder that I mix with water to exfoliate, and the hydrating Glow Drops, which I love the most and use on days I don’t want to wear makeup. — Oprah

Gift Picks: Shop Oprah’s Favorite Things
Gift Picks: Shop Oprah’s Favorite Things


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