Google Added Access Checker for Google Slides


Google has added an Access checker for Google Slides to make sure that anyone viewing or presenting a Slides presentation can play embedded videos and audio files.

Access checker features already available in Gmail and Google Chat to ensure the recipients of a Drive file have permission to access it.

When a user can’t play videos and audio files within a presentation, it can be disruptive. When presenting, it can be an awkward or negative experience for the presenter. However, manually checking that permissions are correct before presenting or distributing a presentation is time-consuming. By adding an Access checker to Google Slides, it is easier to ensure all viewers of the presentation will get a complete experience.

Google Added Access Checker for Google Slides

Google says, “when you insert a video or audio file that is stored in Google Drive into Slides, Access checker will automatically check if the people who have access to the presentation also have access to the audio or video file you just inserted. If they don’t, Access checker will suggest changing the permission for the audio or video file so that all viewers, commenters, editors, and owners of the presentation will be able to see and hear its content.”

Google also says that “we are also working toward launching functionality in the future that will perform an access check for all Drive video and audio files in the presentation after you share the presentation with additional users. At that point, we may suggest permission changes for multiple files used in the presentation.”


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Google Added Access Checker for Google Slides