Google Brings Cleanup Suggestions and Column Stats Features in Google Sheets

Google launches two new features: Cleanup suggestions and Column stats, that will helps to prepare and analyze data in Google Sheets. Cleanup suggestions will help ensure your data is accurate by identifying and suggesting fixes for common data errors. And Column stats will provide automated insights about the values within a column, so you can identify outliers and quickly get a sense of what your data looks like.

These features assist you in the identification of possible cleanup actions and help you be more confident that your data isn’t distorted by simple errors. It will enable quicker analysis by generating intelligent views that can help surface insights, so you can choose to look into more closely.

Cleanup suggestions will help you by surfacing intelligent suggestions in the side panel, these suggestions may include removing extra spaces, removing duplicate rows, adding number formatting, identifying anomalies, fixing inconsistent data, and more. This feature will help make data cleanup faster and more accurate.

When you’re in Google Sheets, go to Data > Cleanup suggestions, when you import data into Sheets and suggestions will be detected, then a Data cleanup notification will appear on the bottom right > click See all. When the sidebar is open, click on the (! button) on each column to view detected suggestions. When you scroll over a suggestion, the related cells are highlighted in your Sheets.


Column stats will help you to quickly get a sense of your data by automatically generating visualizations and key stats that provide insight into the data in a specific column. This will include count and distribution charts, frequency tables, and summary statistics. When you’re in Google Sheets, go to Data > Column stats and review the stats in the sidebar. Once you have reviewed your suggestions, click Review Column Stats. At the top of the sidebar, use the arrows < > to switch between columns.


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