Google Brings YouTube Music on Apple Watch

YouTube Music now available to Apple Watch so now YouTube Music Premium users can browse music collections, control playback, and select casting options directly from the Apple Watch, and also YouTube Music app now available for Apple Watch. YouTube Music app for Apple Watch makes it easy to listen to exactly what you want, and when you want, whether you’re running, riding, or walking.

There’s also a customization feature available known as a complication, that allows users to display relevant information directly on the watch face. The complication feature giving you direct access to playback controls and also gives recommendations for a new song based on your listening habits. Also, you can cast music directly from your phone to your speakers with the press of a button.

To use this feature, you’ll need a YouTube Music (download it from App Store), a YouTube Premium, or YouTube Premium Music subscription, and an iPhone and Apple Watch (at least Apple Watch Series 3 or later, with watchOS 6 or later).

Google Brings YouTube Music on Apple Watch
(Credit: Google/YouTube)

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