Google Chrome Lets You to Easily Manage Audio and Video in Any Tab


When you have a lot of tabs open and one of them starts playing audio or video, but you don’t know which one is playing or listening in your browser in the background and you want to change the song or play the next song without stopping your work to find the right tab. The latest version of Chrome will figure out this problem.

The Google Chrome latest update built-in feature allows you to easily control audio and video in your browser with one click. Simply click on the icon in the top right corner of Chrome on the desktop, open the new media hub, and manage what’s playing from there. There you can play next or previous, pause or resume options you will see.

“Designed to minimize any disruptions to whatever you need to get done in your browser, the new media hub helps you to be more productive by bringing all your media notifications to one place and letting you manage each audio and video playback, without having to navigate any tabs. We first brought these media controls to Chromebooks in August, and today we rolled out the media hub in Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux,” said Google.

“These new controls are the latest in a series of updates to enhance your media experience in Chrome, including support for media hardware keys for easy access to your media, and the Picture-in-Picture extension and API to help you with multitasking in your browser. We’ll continue to add more functionality for you to control media in Chrome over time,” Google added.

Download the Picture-in-Picture extension for Chrome browser.

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Google Chrome Lets You to Easily Manage Audio and Video in Any Tab