Google Docs Updated with Link Previews and Smart Compose

Google Docs gets a visual link preview feature and the new Smart Compose feature for G Suite business users. Users can tap a link in Google Docs and it will show visual information that includes thumbnails, titles, and descriptions for web links.

Link Previews in Google Docs on the Web

Linked content can enrich documents with useful information, but if clicking a link means opening another window, that can be distracting and disrupt your reading flow. The link previews are already available on the web, now Google added link previews to mobile as well.

Link Previews on the Mobile
Link Previews on the Mobile

The Smart Compose in Google Docs helps you write faster and with fewer errors, it uses Google AI to help you to write documents faster and reduce the spelling mistakes and grammar errors. When a Smart Compose suggestion appears, simply swipe right to accept it. Smart Compose for Google Docs will roll out only for G Suite customers.

Smart Compose


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