Google Drive Now Supports Touch ID and Face ID

Google Drive Now Supports Touch ID and Face ID

The latest version of Google Drive (ver. 4.2020.18204) for iPhone and iPad platforms has now enabled users to support Touch ID and Face ID. This enables you to allow Face ID or Touch ID authentication if someone attempts to open an app on your smartphone.

Google Drive provides options to trigger Privacy Screen automatically when the device is opened or turned back to another device, or to pause the request for 10 seconds, one minute, or 10 minutes based on the model of danger.

The Privacy Panel is not entirely foolproof. Google alerts on the configuration screen when you allow it that it does not support your Drive updates, “other” Siri apps, files shared with the Files app, images shared with the Photos app, and “other system functions.”

Google Drive Version 4.2020.18204

Here how you can enable in Google Drive:-

  • Google Drive 001
  • Google Drive 002
  • Google Drive 003
  • Google Drive 004
  • Google Drive 005
  • Google Drive 006