Google Maps now Compatible with Apple Watch and Apple CarPlay


Google today announced two major updates for Apple Platforms, Google Maps now supports Apple Watch and Google Maps is now compatible with Apple CarPlay Dashboard.

In the CarPlay Dashboard, you can now switch or pause songs from your favorite media app, rewind or fast forward podcasts or audiobooks, or quickly check calendar appointments without ever leaving turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps. Apple allowed third-party navigation apps to appear in the split-screen view so you can get the information you need while keeping the focus on the road.

In the Apple Watch, you can easily navigate by car, bike, public transit, or on foot with Google Maps app. With Google Maps app you can quickly get estimated arrival times and step-by-step directions to destinations you’ve saved, like Home or Work, and other shortcuts you’ve designated. For all other destinations, you can start navigating from your phone and pick up where you left off on your watch.

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Google Maps now Compatible with Apple Watch and Apple CarPlay