Google Meet now available in Gmail Mobile App

Previously Google has been announced Meet in Gmail is coming to Android and iOS platforms. The Google Meet is now available to the Gmail mobile app with a dedicated Meet tab this will rollout for both Android and iOS devices. Now users can join secure video meetings directly from the dedicated Meet tab in the Gmail mobile app.

Meet Tab in Gmail Mobile App
Meet Tab in Gmail Mobile App

To getting started with Google Meet, just tap on the “New Meeting” button to start the instant meeting, or get a meeting link to share, or a scheduled meeting in the Google Calendar. You can join the meeting by taping on the “Join with a code” by entering the meeting code.

  • Join Meetings in Gmail Mobile App
  • Join Meetings with Shareable Link or a Schedule in Google Calendar
  • Join Meetings by entering Meeting Code

If you don’t want this feature to appear in the Gmail app tab, click on the setting in the Gmail app from the hamburger menu in the top left corner, now tap on your account and uncheck the Meet, the Meet tab now hide for Gmail mobile app.

Enable or Disable Meet Tab in Gmail Mobile App
Enable or Disable Meet Tab in Gmail Mobile App


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