Here how Google keep you safe every day

Here how Google keep you safe every day

Well talking about online safety here what Google says: keeping you safe online means continuously protecting the security and privacy of your information. That’s why protections are automatically built into your Google Account and every Google product: Safe Browsing protects more than 4 billion devices, Gmail blocks more than 100 million phishing attempts every day, and Google Play Protect scans over 50 billion apps every day for malware and other issues.

At Google, safety products are driven by three core principles: keeping your information secure, treating it responsibly, and putting you in control. And Google continuously uses these principles in practice. Here Google wanted to share the new security and privacy protection features.

Proactively protecting you with high-visibility security alerts

When your security at risk, Google will act as fast as detecting a serious risk to your Google Accounts. Back in 2015, Google used Android alerts to notify people about critical issues with their Google Accounts.

Google has introduced a redesigned critical alert and a new way of delivering it. When Google detecting any serious security about Google Account, Google will automatically display an alert within the Google app, which means you no need to check email or your phone’s alerts. Google will roll out this new security alert feature for limited users, and in the coming weeks, Google will expand this feature availability early as next year. See the preview:

Here how Google keep you safe every day

The Guest mode in Google Assistant

Let’s say if you don’t want your Google Assistant interactions saved to your Google Account, then what options you have left, answer is none. That’s why Google is introducing a cool new feature to Google Assistant. It’s called Guest mode.

In the coming weeks, Google will be launching the Guest mode feature, where you can new way to use your Google Assistant on home devices. You can easily turn on Guest mode with voice command, in Guest mode, your Assistant interactions will not be saved to your Google Account. And you can turn it off Guest mode at any time to get the full, personalized Google Assistant experience again.

Safety is right built into all Google products

Google already announced to protect your information with new security and privacy safeguards for Google Workplace, and new password protections in Chrome as well as Chrome’s progress on the Privacy Sandbox, an initiative to fundamentally enhance privacy on the web.

Google will soon allow you to directly edit your Location History data in Google Maps Timeline by adding or editing places you have visited with just a few taps. And starting today, Google will display your personal security and privacy settings when you ask things like “Is my Google Account secure?’

Here how Google keep you safe every day
Here how Google keep you safe every day