History of the Internet, Complete Information


It is said about the Internet that it is a global system of interconnected networks, which connects millions of computers and thereby exchange data, information, and video. The Internet is also often referred to as ‘The Information Highway’. This means that there is a direct and comprehensive way to get internet information.

The history of the origins of the Internet is traced back to 1958 when the Department of Defense of the United States of America established the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The purpose of this project was to connect computers in various universities and in the Defense Department of the US to develop fast in defense and technology.

In this sequence ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Administration Network) was established in 1969. With the establishment of ARPANET, it became one of the most popular media of information, data, and message sharing among research scholars, engineers, doctors, scientists, and students. People sitting away from this latest communication media also started playing various types of games and sharing their interests and hobby with each other which has become famous among us as Facebook and social networking sites.

ARPANET network map 1974
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Although ARPANET started with just a few computers, it soon connected with millions of computers and started sharing various types of information and data.

Meanwhile, in the 1980s, another American agency, the ‘National Science Foundation’, created another new high-capacity network NSFnet that was several times more quality and efficient than ARPANET. But the biggest problem with NSFnet was that it allowed only academic research work on its network. Thus the need for powerful networking communication for private business operations was felt. This was the reason that keeping in mind the needs of businessmen and other professionals, many private companies gradually started to establish their own networks which merged with ARPANET and NSFnet over time and later took the modern form of internet.

The Internet is known by the name of the Internet as the network that gave birth to the interlinking of ARPANET and NSFnet and other private networks. ARPANET was discontinued in 1990 and the government’s financial help for NSFnet was also discontinued. But with this, the trend of commercial networking started gradually, which is working in front of us in the present form. On 15 August 1995, for the first time, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) started Internet service in India. It is said that the first telephone directory was made available on the internet by the state of Sikkim.

We need computers, modems, web browsers, telephone lines, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as devices for internet connection.

Internet Access

In the modern era of the Information Revolution, the Internet is being used extensively for a variety of tasks in all areas of our daily lives. This technology has incredibly changed the look of the twenty-first century. It has dramatically changed the way people around the world work together with lifestyle, science, technology, and communication. Today there will hardly be any area of ​​human knowledge and life where computers will not be used.

Search Engine

This is a specialized program that helps in finding information on the web. The most famous search engines are Google, MSN, Yahoo, Lycos, and Cyber ​​411.

Online Shopping

In modern times it has become the latest fashion of shopping, in which you can buy your favorite goods through the internet while sitting at home. You can also sell your goods online.


Under this, the traditional method of banking transactions has completely changed. Through the internet, you can operate your bank account and transfer money. The way banking work is being lost through checks, drafts, and withdrawal forms.


You can communicate with your friends and families through social networking, chat, video conferencing or email, etc. Not only this, you can mail your favorite videos or their clippings to your friends through the Internet, and can also find them.

Job Search

This makes online job search very easy and authentic information about the latest job operations.


Materials required for research are easily available on the internet in large quantities.


The necessary information for acquiring knowledge about all the genres of human knowledge is received on the Internet. The Internet is the easiest and cheapest means of writing essential notes and materials in the field of writing.

File Download and Upload

Bringing or copying material or information to your computer via the Internet is called download while uploading is the process of sending stored information to another system from the disk or any other data-storing device of your computer’s fragment.

Internet Related Information:

Host Computer – Each computer connected to the Internet is called a host computer. It is a computer that acts as a server on a network for other computers.


A server is a computer that provides data to other computers via the Internet.


Its full form is a Uniform Resource Locator. It is the most standard way to get a file and document on the Internet. It is also called the address of the file.

World Wide Web (WWW)

It is commonly called the web and helps in accessing the information on the web through the internet.

Web Server

In order to make Web sites always available to all, it needs to be stored on the computer. The computer on which websites are stored and kept is called a Web Server.


A saved link to a web page is called a bookmark. If we want to see a particular website soon, then for this we create a bookmark and save it.


This is called ‘HyperText Markup Language’. Web pages are created with the help of HTML.

Internet Protocol

This is called the protocol of communication for the Internet. It is a set of rules that computers have to obey to communicate with each other over the Internet.

IP Address

It means Internet Protocol address, which causes data to be sent from one computer to another via the Internet. Each host computer has a specific IP address that distinguishes it from other computers.

Domain Name

Domain names are unique names to identify a particular page. Domain names are associated with a suffix that indicates which particular domain a web page belongs to. Gov denotes the domain of a government agency, while .com indicates the identity of a commercial organization.


Downloading information from a remote system through the Internet to a local system is called a download. When we receive a file from a remote system through the Internet on our system, we are downloading that file.


It is a network point that acts as an entry into another network.

Flash Player

It acts as software for displaying animation on a web page. This is an application that permits the display of animation and games etc.

Web Surfing

It is considered to be the world’s largest encyclopedia. We can find the kind of information and knowledge we need on the internet and download it according to our requirements which is often free. Searching for resources from websites is called web surfing.


It is a computer program that can be loaded without user permission and can damage the entire data including the computer system and its programs. If the computer is rebooting repeatedly, it means that the computer virus has been infected. It can also be transmitted with the attachment of the mail or with the downloaded file.

For this, the computer should have good quality anti-virus software installed. It provides auto protection and automatically detects viruses in whatever file we download or upload and by removing it, the system and files are protected. It is said that creeper was the first computer virus that infected the ARPANET version of the Internet. Creeper, Michelangelo, Brain, and Monkey are some of the important computer viruses.


The act of illegally accessing the data of another user’s computer with their specialized knowledge and using it for themselves is called hacking and the person doing so is called a hacker.


Phishing is known to trick net users by creating fake websites of a large company and an enterprise that makes branded products, and obtaining important information from them is called phishing. Its main purpose is to get the details of the credit card, password, and user mail id of the users and to damage the data or damage by illegal means.


Multimedia is the software through which you complete the task of sharing text, pictures, animation, and video with others. This means sharing information through any means.


When many computers are inter-connected by line and cable, it is called a network.


A system or device connecting to a network is called a node.


This is called radio transmission.


It is a technique that converts digital signals into analog signals, while the technology that converts analog signals into digital signals is called demodulation.


It is a device that converts digital data into analog signals and analog signals into digital data.


This is the most well-known method of communication on the Internet. It is the basic Internet service for receiving and sending messages. It is considered to be the most used application on the Internet. Through it, any message, video, and audio can be sent and received very fast in any part of the world.


It is a network application through which one computer on the Internet can log in to another computer.


Its full form is Global System for Mobile Communication. It is an international standard that provides mobile services between countries in the world.


This is called General Packet Radio Service. It has also been developed for users of the Global System for Mobile Communication.

  • CDMA – It has full form code division multiple access and is a wireless channel. It acts as a standard for digital cellular service i.e. mobile service. With this improved data and voice, multiple subscribers can get communication services on this technology simultaneously.
  • 1G – This is called First Generation Wireless Mobile Service whose main focus was to perform the task of Verbal Communication.
  • 2G – This is called second-generation wireless mobile service, which is one step ahead of the first generation mobile service, as it also has the facility of short message service. This was the step that led the mobile service from analog to digital.
  • 3G – This is called Third Generation Wireless Mobile Service in which electromagnetic waves are used for communication in telecommunication service. Due to this, the speed of data transfer has become very fast.
  • 4G – This is called Fourth Generation Technology Service and is an extension of 3G service which has more than 3G service and speed. It is a high-speed wireless service that provides at least four to ten times faster speeds than 3G.
  • 5G – The 5G mobile network is the 5th generation. It is a new global wireless standard following networks of 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G enables a new kind of network designed to connect virtually everyone, including machines, objects and devices, and everything together. 5G wireless technology is designed to deliver higher multi-Gbps data peak speeds, ultra-low latency, greater reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and more consistent user experience. Higher efficiency and performance enhancements empower new user experiences and connect new industries.


Its full form is wireless fidelity. It is a wireless networking protocol that enables devices to be communicated without a cord and cable.


Cyberlaw refers to legal matters related to the use of the Internet. This law covers internet access, privacy, freedom of expression, and other such topics that are related to the use or blackmailing of data, videos, and other information of the users. it happens.