How Apple Watch Dance Tracking Algorithms Works on watchOS 7

Apple announces watchOS 7 at WWDC 2020 keynote, and Apple added a new health feature in Apple Watch called “Dance Workout” in the upcoming watchOS 7. Apple added four new workout types in watchOS 7 to the Activity app includes Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength, and Cooldown.

In watchOS 7, you just need to pick any of these workout types and it will get the credit for them. Once you picked the correct workout type, Apple Watch will tracks all of your moves correctly. The Workout app on Apple Watch is a smartly tuned algorithm to understand the workout types and it will give most correctly metrics for you.

The Dance workout tested in four different styles of dance includes Bollywood, Cardio dance, Hip-Hop, and Latin. The Apple Watch specially target dance in a workout setting. The Apple Watch algorithms use the data like speed, intensity, and pattern of motion coming from the accelerometer and gyroscope to determine the “Work Rate”. This will determines how much work you have been done during the session. Apple Watch uses “Advanced Sensor Fusion” to combine data from the accelerometer and gyroscope to detects the difference between dancing with your arms, lower body, and dance with your entire body.

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