How to Access Ana’s background in Messenger and Instagram

In order to celebrate diversity, creativity, and vibrancy in the arts, Messenger and Facebook open Arts are collaborating with six artists from underrepresented groups by bringing contemporary art to mobile phones. The new 360 background for Messenger Rooms and video calls that nod to their culture and influences and special stories will be released for each of the artists.

How to access Ana’s background in Messenger and Instagram

Ana Serrano is the first to feature artists influenced by the convergence of her cultural identity as a first-generation Mexican American. The work of Ana emphasizes the socio-cultural aspects of urban life in Latino communities, and she is especially captivated by the shaping and decoration of their spaces by residents.

The diverse environment of her hometown, Los Angeles, which blends both formal and casual architectural styles, including mid-century flats, Cinderella homes, courtyard bungalows, and more, influenced her 360 histories. Ana wants individuals to “experience the simple joy of walking down a street in the neighborhood and finding details along the way.”

How to access Ana’s background in Messenger and Instagram

You can access Ana’s background simply by starting a video call or you can create a Room from Messenger or Instagram. Then tap the effects icon on your self-view then select the background to access Ana’s background “Down the Street”. You can also access Ana’s background in Messenger in a video call or you can start with a Messenger camera.

How to access Ana’s background in Messenger and Instagram

Facebook will bring more backgrounds from more artists to Messenger and Instagram in the coming months.

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