How to Boost Conversions with Exit-Intent Popups Feature

How to Boost Conversions with Exit-Intent Popups Feature
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During these days I mean the COVID-19 period you want to grow your email list, right? For example, you want to grow or drive sales through your email lists, where you attract your customers with offers, deals, or if you want to send some tips, recommendations, personal experience, or most importantly newsletters to your subscribers.

I also collect my audience’s emails through the email pop-up subscription box by using the Exit-Intent popups feature. When they enter their email, then it will automatically add them to my subscriber list, and send them a daily newsletter about my posts, and it’s very easy. Today I will introduce to you a new tool where you can turn your visitors into subscribers with an OptinMonster tool but first, I will give detailed information about the Exit-Intent popups feature and how it will work, and how the Exit-Intent popups feature helping to grow your email list as well as you will see growth in sales, so you can boost conversions with Exit-Intent popups feature.

Any other users or visitors on your website leave without purchasing or signing up or something, which means that you have lost revenue from the sale for good. But you can catch more of them if you’re using the right popup. There are various types of popups, but I’m going to give you brief details about them and advise you which popup feature you can select or which one you need to avoid.

Every website owner or small business owner and eCommerce website owner uses three types of popup, the first one is Scroll through popup you can also be called it a scrolling popup or scroll trigger, the second one is Timer popup or Time display trigger, and the third one is Exit-Intent popups.

  1. Scroll through popup: Scroll though popup works when users or visitors on the website reaching a certain amount of distance on the page, for example, you can say 25 or 50 percent of the page, after user reaching that certain amount of distance, then scroll through popup will appear.
  2. Time trigger popup: In this type of popup, you can set the time to when it will appear on the web pages, for example, if you set 30 seconds timer, then it will showing a popup exactly at the same time you have just set in your time-base popup campaign.
  3. Exit-Intent popups: Exit-Intent popups work based on visitors’ behavior. For example, if you set Exit-Intent popups in your campaign then it will work when a visitor going to leave your site or making a decision to close your website window or tab. It will automatically show a popup to visitors when they are hovering their mouse close button or intended to close the tab or moving to another tab.

Exit-Intent popups perform better than both scroll through popup and time-based popup. Scroll through and the Time trigger popup is being annoyed to some visitors, but Exit-Intent popups did not annoy them, you want to know why? For example, If visitors come to your website and enjoy reading one of your articles after he reads the full article and thinking to leave, then the Exit-Intent popups will appear and ask them to subscribe to the newsletter if those visitors enjoying reading articles on your website then he will definitely subscribe and return to your website whenever he wants to read your articles again, not just that, after you send him a newsletter, he also loves to read. Let me assume, you have learned about these three types of popup, now let me tell you how you can achieve and grow your email list with OptinMonster.

How to Boost Conversions with Exit-Intent Popups Feature

OptinMonster is one of the most popular, easy, and most advanced tools for collecting emails through your website. It’s a drag and drop builder that allows you to create email forms without any coding. OptinMonster let you create pop-up forms opt-in forms hello bars welcome mats and a whole lot more, you can see details below:

How to Boost Conversions with Exit-Intent Popups Feature
  1. Lightbox Popup: This type of popup allows you to grab audience attention, where you can send targeted ads campaigns or your custom message to your customers or visitors, so you can easily build your email list with this Lightbox Popup feature in OptinMonster.
  1. Fullscreen Welcome Mat: OptinMonster Fullscreen Mat helps you to draw attention from visitors as they land on a splash screen on your website. Before they are annoyed or distracted, this form of popup can aim a call to action, this will remember your visitors and always up to date with your website.
  1. Side-in Scroll Box: In the bottom right corner of the web page, OptinMonster Slide-ins appear when visitors scroll down. This will enable you to determine how far down the page visitors get before they see your scroll box. You can showcase all your promotions or campaigns dynamically at the right time with the Slide-in Scroll Box.
  1. Floating Bar: The Floating Bar is a sticky and highly visible campaign that sticks to the header or footer of the web page as the visitors scroll and stays visible. It’s a perfect way to get the attention of visitors without distracting or annoying them.
  1. Countdown Timer: You can create intelligent, scarcity-based campaigns with OptinMonster countdown timer campaigns that convert reluctant buyers efficiently. One of the best ways to improve your conversion rate is to build a sense of urgency for your visitors. There are two effective modes available for OptinMonster countdown timer campaigns:
    • Static: Set a universal deadline for all visitors. You pick a date and time that completes the countdown.
    • Dynamic: For each visitor, build “evergreen” countdown timers personalized. You choose the duration of the timer in days, hours, minutes, and seconds instead of choosing an end date.
  1. Sidebar Forms: One of the most popular ways to create an email list is Sidebar Forms, and the sidebar is where many web visitors check for newsletter signup information. The Sidebar Forms by OptinMonster give you the ability to convert visitors from anywhere on your web, turning each page into a chance for lead generation. The more locations you have a campaign, the more ways there are to subscribe to or take your deal from others.
  1. Inline Forms: The Inline Forms from OptinMonster help you get the notice of your most interested readers and allow them to subscribe to your content while they are already committed to reading it. Inline form campaigns, especially on content-heavy sites, are so beneficial for subscriber growth.
  1. Content Lock: You can improve email subscription numbers with OptinMonster Content Lock, and by utilizing the content publishing that you already have, also small businesses can optimize lead generation. Content locking from OptinMonster allows you to block part of your content and make it available only to subscribers, promoting more email signups and generating high-quality leads.
  1. Coupon Wheel Optins: You have full power over the deals and coupons that are shown, and the chances to win, with OptinMonster Coupon Wheel. For each choice, you can change the text and determine whether or not it is possible for visitors to your website to win the prize. The wins chance is then shown for each option. See the image below, which shows how you can create OptinMonster Coupon Wheel.

OptinMonster also offers several trigger options, where you can show Popup to your visitors through the time-based interval, scrolling, or you can use the OptinMonster Exit-Intent popups feature which can detect when visitors are leaving your website, with these Exit-Intent popups feature, you can show Lightbox Popup to visitors before exit, eg. visitors hover mouse to close the browser window or tab.

OptinMonster often senses the actions of your visitors and uses smart triggers to always reveal the right promotion at the right time to the right user. OptinMonster also offering eight types of campaign triggers, see below:

Exit-Intent Technology: Exit-intent popups feature lets you track and monitors website visitor movements and detects when they leave your site without buying or leaving their data. It’s intended to reduce the abandonment of carts and capture more leads. Visitor behavior is detected by OptinMonster exit-intent popups feature, giving you the opportunity to show them a popup with a targeted marketing message just before they are forever gone. One of the most common causes of exit-intent technology is the use of exit-intent popups to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions. The final step of your conversion procedure is your checkout page.

Scroll Trigger: The most polite way to drive further conversions is to scroll activated boxes because it allows visitors to get value from your website before attempting to give or sell something to them, or it only displays campaigns to your visitors that are already interested in your content, or it only displays the call to action after your visitors hit a certain scroll location. Popup scrolls have been scientifically proven to decrease the bounce rate and increase the retention of users, creating an improved visitor experience to support both eCommerce retailers and publishers. It allows you to get more value from your website while providing visitors with a better user experience.

Another reason online stores are losing revenue is by calling too soon for the offer. Sometimes being pushy with a popup box will scare them away unless shoppers are already engaged. OptinMonster is the best plugin for scroll-triggered boxes that allows you to show an offer to potential customers by scrolling down the page when they have shown their interest. It’s a perfect alternative to a campaign that’s time-triggered. You will minimize abandonment while increasing sales when you use Scroll Trigger to encourage specific deals to visitors who are already interested in your items. To highlight items relevant to the page your visitor is on, combine the Scroll Trigger with our advanced Page-Level Targeting guidelines.

Scroll Trigger is also useful for publishers as it will make visitors inspired to subscribe, without asking too soon to bother them. You can also draw more readers with scroll-triggered boxes without covering the content they are looking at, and enable them to step deeper and deeper into your web.

MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins: It can transform any picture or connection into a 2-step opt-in campaign with MonsterLinks. There’s a popup asking visitors to subscribe or buy when visitors click on the image or link. When visitors (starting a process) click a link or button, then they are likely to complete the process and subscribe. Using the MonsterLinks technology from OptinMonster also removes the natural dropoff that occurs when visitors have to access or complete an operation on another page to subscribe. Instead, they will instantly take action, which ensures that every page where you use MonsterLinks automatically becomes a lead generation squeeze page.

InactivitySensor: Most of the browsers let users open a single window with multiple tabs. Too many tabs are difficult to keep track of, so if you don’t communicate with them, your users are likely to stay inactive and leave your site. You can trigger your disengaged visitors and turn them into leads and customers with OptinMonster’s InactivitySensor. InactivitySensor senses the actions of users and target users who are inactive and displays an offer to re-engage them on your platform.

Timed Display Control: The Timed Display Control with OptinMonster allows you to set time delays for your campaigns to avoid inconveniencing visitors while still attracting and selling subscribers. A time-triggered pop-up campaign helps you to concentrate the attention of your visitors at the right moment: after they have time to search your website, but before losing interest and leaving. Based on the time spent on the page or the site, OptinMonster lets you cause your popups.

Timed Display Control is often used by eCommerce marketers to win over potential customers by showing users a campaign while users are already interested in the content. Time-triggered pop-up promotions give the best of all worlds to your visitors: time to enjoy browsing your items, plus well-timed deals that they can use instantly. You get stronger leads when you stop showing popups too fast, and you can even lure those who don’t choose with a second-chance deal in the first round, scheduled to appear after they’ve spent even longer on your platform.

OptinMonster’s Timed Display Control is the best way to capture and hold the attention of visitors if you want to build promotions that convert. To view deals linked to the page visitors are visiting, use Timed Display Control with Page-Level Targeting to maximize conversions and sales.

Campaign Scheduling: The Campaign Scheduling feature of OptinMonster detects the time zones of users so that you can show them holiday promotions and other time-sensitive campaigns at the right time. In order to run more successful and higher-converting promotions, both eCommerce retailers and small businesses will benefit from this advanced targeting technology. Holiday deals are a major revenue generator for most eCommerce stores since the holidays are when most sales happen. For campaigns, you should schedule start and end times, so your seasonal promotions always appear at the correct time. And with a popup at midnight, you won’t have to worry about irritating clients, since you can set time zones so that they see every promotion at the right time of day.

HTML Elements: Through OptinMonster’s HTML Element targeting rules, when those HTML elements are on the page your visitor is viewing, you may build triggers to show a campaign. But if a certain HTML feature is added to the page while your visitor is on it, this cause will also demonstrate your campaign. This is because this trigger is continuously looking for the element you want to track in the HTML of your website.

JavaScript Variables: With custom JavaScript, you will make sure that you show the right deals to the right customers at the right moment in their customer journey. This not only contributes to the website offering a great user experience (UX) but also leads to more conversions and sales for you. An advanced feature that you can use if you or your developer have a working knowledge of JavaScript is to use OptinMonster JavaScript variable rules to trigger a campaign. Although you can build a LOT of custom triggers for your campaign with the HTML feature, JavaScript variables literally make the options infinite. If JavaScript is understood and used by you or your developer, you can basically make a trigger for something.

Adding JavaScript rules to your opt-in campaigns can do wonders for your online store. It can help business owners:

  • Make targeted product recommendations in the customer’s shopping cart
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment with item-specific recommendations
  • Display campaigns based on user behavior
  • Personalize UX to display campaigns that your customers will find most interesting

OptinMonster also uses eight types of precision targeting to create a campaign where you can generate more leads or subscribers or make more sales.

Referrer Detection: The advanced Display Rules of OptinMonster include Referrer Detection where you can automatically monitor web traffic sources with this tool can identify when visitors have followed one of your external marketing campaigns to land on your website so that you can build a new campaign explicitly targeted at those visitors. To boost lead generation, customer retention, subscriber numbers, and revenue, the production of more targeted deals and more appropriate content is guaranteed. For even more fine-grained targeting, combine Referrer Detection with other Show Rules, and get the attention of your visitors with the OptinMonster Exit-Intent popups to feature appear at the right time.

Referrer Detection from OptinMonster also helps eCommerce companies to determine where visitors come from to create more productive campaigns. You can segment your campaigns by source with this sophisticated referral detection rule.

Page-Level Targeting: The Page-Level Targeting functionality of OptinMonster solves this issue by allowing you to use interaction automation to create page-specific promotions that generate more leads, gain more subscribers, and make more sales. Here is a Rich Page case study, with Page-Level Targeting and using OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent popups feature they almost increase their conversion by up to 316 percent.

With Page-Level Targeting, your email list and audience subscribers can be segmented conveniently based on their preferences and engagement with your website. Segmentation allows you to send your subscribers relevant emails, resulting in higher open rates, higher click-through rates, improved sales, higher income, better retention of customers, and lower unsubscribe rates. Page-Level Targeting also plays a major role in segmenting new and repeat users to show them various deals when it comes to the eCommerce business. This function can also be used to view such deals on your highest-value or highest-converting pages only, such as customers’ pages normally visit before they purchase.

Page-Level Targeting can actually boost sales at the checkout, as shopping cart abandonment can be minimized by a well-timed, personalized discount coupon. OptinMonster may also be used to display similar items to visitors who have just made a purchase, probably growing the sales even more. The more people see your deal, they’re obviously more likely to subscribe. OptinMonter’s page-specific targeting rules allow you to customize deals, such as for particular blog categories and tags, according to the section of your site.

OnSite Follow Up Campaigns: Popups work to maximize conversions, but the first time they see one, not all visitors can opt for it. OnSite Follow Up Campaigns from OptinMonster allows you to get the attention of wavering guests with prompted campaigns. This intelligent role understands how users interact on your website with other deals, so you can follow up on targeted campaigns designed to get them to take action. Through using this feature to run drip marketing campaigns on their websites to turn uncommitted visitors into revenue-generating leads and customers, both eCommerce retailers and content publishers also get benefits.

For example, When your popup closes with a visitor, what’s your next move? Some people suggest that, for at least another month, you shouldn’t make them another deal. But if you do so, the best opportunity to hold their attention is lost. You can show these same visitors another deal with OptinMonster’s OnSite Follow Up Campaigns, or present the same offer in a different way. These second-chance deals are known to turn the content and get more exposure. This onsite marketing automation technology can be used by publishers to enhance lead generation by providing webinars and case studies, facilitating participation in social media, and promoting published content to improve visitor interaction.

OnSite Retargeting: When you display repeated users the very same campaigns they saw the first time they landed on your web, you might want to turn them off, especially if they have already signed up. It takes time to develop a customer relationship, and you may want to show returning customers something different to keep the momentum going. OptinMonster’s Onsite Retargeting helps you to target frequent users based on their past experiences on your site with new promotions and offers. Onsite behavioral data can be used by eCommerce retailers and publishers to optimize marketing strategies to improve conversions.

OptinMonster lets you optimize campaigns for returning customers with OnSite Retargeting, so you can raise sales and revenue from eCommerce. It helps you to supercharge the acquisition of customers and promote further sales by showing the right message at the right time to the right buyer.

Geo-Location Targeting: Geo-Location Targeting with OptinMonster lets eCommerce retailers and content publishers display relevant campaigns based on the locations of users. For lead generation, highly targeted campaigns are known to be more successful than generic non-targeted campaigns. Use the Geo-Location Targeting of OptinMonster to improve interaction, attract more customers and make more sales. Conversions and sales are improved by displaying location-specific deals and coupons, one of the most common applications of Geo-Location Targeting for eCommerce retailers.

With localized delivery offers and promotions, OptinMonster also helps you attract new customers, growing consumer loyalty and improving profits. To translate deals for specific nations, areas, and even towns, and to deliver time-limited offers such as holiday discounts, you can use Geo-Location Targeting. And to display deals to guests in specific timezones, you can combine Geo-Location Targeting with Campaign Scheduling. Much of today’s customers are mobile, ensuring that there is even more incentive to use Geo-Location Targeting for eCommerce retailers. You can conveniently pop up a coupon with OptinMonster’s geo-targeting service that shoppers can redeem in the store they’re about to visit.

Cookie Retargeting: By building niche automatic retargeting with your own custom browser cookies, it will reduce website and shopping cart abandonment. You can hack your retargeting strategy with OptinMonster’s Cookie Retargeting and save money by generating your own onsite audience. This enables eCommerce retailers and small businesses to fine-tune the personalization of content and improve leads and sales without wasting money.

eCommerce retailers to use Cookie Retargeting is for consumers who have already opted in to build exclusive, tailored promotions and upsells. You can take the knowledge you already have about your customer with Cookie Retargeting to enhance the personalization of content, recover lost income, and raise sales. You can tailor special promotions, for instance, according to the age, gender, place, and more of your customers.

By showing customers promotions they are not interested in, this feature helps you avoid wasting money while minimizing abandonment and boosting your sales by creating targeted upsells and cross-sells for those who are interested in your goods. Cookie Retargeting enables you to personalize deals based on where individuals are in your sales funnel, enabling both lead generation and sales to be increased. By combining Cookie Retargeting with OptinMonster’s Dynamic Text Replacement feature, Personalize offers even more so that you can deliver personalized product recommendations designed to win more sales.

You can build your own retargeting audience on-site with OptinMonster’s Cookie Retargeting to create an efficient lead generation process that you totally manage. To optimize campaigns for frequent visitors and create exclusive promotions for those who have opted in, you can use Cookie Retargeting with email marketing and CRM applications such as Infusionsoft and Hubspot. This retargeting program helps you to optimize experiences with various parts of the audience, helping to reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions. With Onsite Retargeting and OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent popups functionality, you can use cookie retargeting to ensure that your website visitors always see the right offer at the right time.

Device-Based Targeting: Do you know that non-mobile responsive content makes half of all web users annoyed? They believe they are not valued by the sites and leave. And 80 percent of mobile users never finish their transactions online. Device-Based Targeting for popups from OptinMonster helps you to format campaigns for phones, tablets, and desktops so that you can create a better user experience and boost conversion rates. Complete Screen, Floating Bar, Slide-In, Sidebar, and After Post/Inline promotions can be configured for OptinMonster to load on desktops only, on both phones and tablets, or on either phones or tablets. This advanced cross-device targeting lets you provide all of your guests with a seamless experience while optimizing campaigns for different customer segments.

E-tailers need a way to build and target mobile eCommerce consumer groups, with more customers visiting online shops on their mobile devices. To boost conversions on non-desktop computers, many eCommerce retailers use Device-Based Targeting options. Since mobile and tablet shopping habits are often different, eCommerce retailers may build unique mobile-only or tablet-only deals for each of those segments. OptinMonster has a wide range of models for mobile-responsive campaigns, ensuring that eCommerce retailers can build visible and productive deals that lead to more sales.

How to Boost Conversions with Exit-Intent Popups Feature

To minimize cart abandonment, you can use Device Targeting for popups by integrating device rules with Inactivity Sensor, which provides mobile Exit-Intent popups. This helps you to place a targeted offer before a visitor who is about to leave to win the offer. Get the benefits of Conversion Analytics from OptinMonster which can also include in-depth insights about how your campaigns are converting, and which pages on your web are most successful at driving sales.

The Device-Based Targeting feature in OptinMonster allows you to get more email list signups and create more leads by making sure that only campaigns optimized for them are seen by those using mobile devices. The more relevant your campaigns are, the more likely it is for individuals to sign up. To segment your campaigns by platform and deliver a smooth, hassle-free experience for all your visitors, you can use our cross-device targeting rules. To build appealing campaigns, you can use the mobile responsive models from our pop-up maker. With our Canvas technology, you can also create a custom campaign.

AdBlock Detection: It will help you from tanking your revenue with ad-blocking apps by using foolproof AdBlock detection to send a targeted message to visitors. You have found that ad blocker software costs you money whether you are a content publisher or a small business owner. You can bypass AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and other ad blockers with OptinMonster, and reclaim the money that is going down the drain. By making it easy to send a personalized message to AdBlock users, the smart AdBlock Detection feature of OptinMonster protects revenue for publishers and small businesses. OptinMonster is not affected by adblockers, unlike most lead-generation apps, so your message can get through each time.

You can also create real-time campaigns that respond and adapt so that you can easily customize, segment, and target incredible conversions. OptinMonster combines with some of our rivals’ email marketing systems like Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, ConvertKit, and some other popular email marketing services as well as website platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and many others, you can see the full list of integration from here. Save money and time on our integrations. See the utilities that are incorporated with OptinMonster for email marketing.

How to Boost Conversions with Exit-Intent Popups Feature

How to Boost Conversions with Exit-Intent Popups Feature