How to Get 6-months of Spotify Premium for Free

How to Get 6-months of Spotify Premium for Free

With an ongoing Spotify promotional offer on Flipkart.com, the eligible users will get Spotify Premium for free for 6-months, this offer is only valid for those subscribers who have new to Spotify Premium.

To get Spotify Premium for free for 6-months, then users need to purchase selected headphones, speakers, televisions, laptops, or streaming devices on Flipkart to receive an offer code.

To claim this Spotify Premium for free for the 6-month offer, you have to go to the Spotify promotional offer page, then click on the START TRIAL button. After that, enter your existing login credential or you can create a new one. Those who have Spotify Premium, will not eligible for this offer. And please note that this offer will ends on May 15, 2021.

By entering your login credential, then again you will see the START TRIAL screen, just click on that button, and enter the offer code that you have just received from Flipkart by purchasing eligible products which I already mentioned above.

If you don’t have an offer code or don’t want to purchase eligible products from Flipkart, then you will still get Spotify Premium for 1-month only for new subscribers to Spotify Premium.

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