How to get a surprise message from Santa in Messenger Kids

How to get a surprise message from Santa in Messenger Kids
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Parents can send a surprise message to their kids as a Santa and kids will be able to message back, parents will ask their kids eg. “What are you most thankful for this year?”, and this Santa chat will stay open until January 6, in that time kids can send a message back as a for example, “thank you” or kids can share photos of their favorite holiday memories. All these things will be done in the Parent Dashboard.

So, How to get this Santa Experience in Messenger Kids?

Parents in the US, Canada, and Australia will activate the Santa Experience directly from here, or done by going to the Parent dashboard by visiting “Controls” and then tap “Santa Experience.” For parents who have not set up Messenger Kids for their kids, then it will be prompt to set up further processes, then parents will get those above options. Because this will only see those parents who have been created the Messenger Kids account can activate, and control and use the Santa experience with their kids.

How to get a surprise message from Santa in Messenger Kids

Also, kids can share their holiday spirit with a series of seasonal AR effects, stickers, and frames. Celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas with fun interactive AR effects; send something sweet to your friends and family with the Gingerbread frame or ring in the new year with 2021 glasses. Kids can easily take a holiday selfie by opening up the Messenger Kids camera and enjoying the variety of filter options.

Parents in the US and Canada can send a customizable digital holiday card to the kids in their lives through the Parent Dashboard. Where they can choose from seasonal holiday templates, including Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years’, and write a personalized note on each one. The cards will be sent from the parent’s Messenger account to the child’s Messenger Kids inbox. To send a card, access the Parent Dashboard and tap “Send a Card” under “Resources and Tools.”

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