How to play Stadia games on iPhone or iPad

Recently, Stadia has an update to support iOS devices, which means you can now able to play Stadia games directly on your iPhone and iPad. To start playing Stadia games on your iPhone or iPad, then you need to Sign in to Stadia.com on your Safari browser, but make sure your device is updated with iOS 14.3 or later to support this Stadia update, Google currently focuses on the iOS test to continually develop and enhance Stadia on iOS devices.

You can also Stadia web shortcut to your iPhone or iPad home screen, if you have no idea how to create a shortcut on iPhone or iPad then follow this simple guide down below in the image:

How to play Stadia games on iPhone or iPad

(Reminder: First I have to tell you Stadia currently not available in India, you check out the Stadia availability in your country from here.)

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