How to Troubleshoot and Solve Network Problems

How to Troubleshoot and Solve Network Problems

Solving network problems is a process, and the network is as good as possible. It involves finding problems in the network and finding solutions to them. The first and most important step in overcoming a problem in the network is the nature of the problem to find it, there may be connectivity issues. This problem occurs when nodes on the network cannot communicate with others on the network.

The problem with some of the usual connectivity problems is that the user may not be able to interact with on the network. From now on, connectivity can be lost. This is because sometimes the user tries to access the resources on the network, but he cannot do so at certain times. If there are such obstacles in the network, then this is likely to be a major obstacle. Therefore, this problem needs to be resolved immediately. There are also issues like timeouts. Timeout leads to connectivity. Also, problems with network card improper fitting or damaged network card drivers can be a problem.

Network performance issues

Another type of network problem can be related to network performance. A network is considered to have a performance problem when the network is not performing as efficiently as it should.

Performance problems include:

  • The reaction duration is slow.
  • As usual, the network is not reliable.
  • It takes a long time for users to do their work.

An easy way to check for a network connection is to check the local area connection icon in the system tray. If this icon is blinking, the computer is connected to the network. If this icon is full, the computer is not connected to the network.

However, it takes more time to find the cause of the breakdown in network devices. This can be started by checking that the device is installed properly. It also needs to check that the device is being added to the computer legally and that the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, or broadcast address is provided correctly.

Every computer on the Internet has an IP address. The computer is identified by this IP address, making it possible for others to find that computer on the Internet. The IP address format is made up of four numbers. Each number is between 0 to 255, separated by semicolons.

The subnet mask divides the IP address into two parts, the network mask and the address of the host computer on the network. This allows you to understand which part of the IP address is reserved for the network and which is available to use for the host.

Gateway is the IP address of a router that is used to send information from one network to another.

Troubleshooting Network Problems

The following tools are used to help resolve network bottlenecks:-

  • Network problems can be detected using network features such as ipconfig, ping, and traceroute.
  • Network monitoring equipment such as analyzers can be used. An analyzer is a device that collects and analyzes network data. The analyzer retrieves data from areas that are connected to the network.


The first and most important step in resolving a network bottleneck is to examine the network connection. To do this, use the ipconfig utility. ipconfig is an MS-DOS feature that allows you to check the current network settings. The network connection, as well as the network, can be checked using this command. This requires opening a command prompt. To open a command prompt,

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. In the Search textbox, type cmd and press the Enter key. The MS-DOS window appears.
  3. Type ipconfig in the command prompt.

If the system is not connected to the network, the Media disconnected message will appear, otherwise, the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway of the system will appear.


ping or packet Internet grouper sends data pockets from one device to another on the network and looks for feedback. ping helps to determine if the network can communicate with the network.

When a ping is sent, a request is sent to that device from the network hub and router. If the device responds successfully, it is called ping. This means that a valid network path exists. Average response time is calculated from the time it takes to send a request and the time it takes to receive a response.

The slow reaction time indicates an obstacle in the way. If there is no response, there seems to be a block somewhere along the way. The message received can be used to determine the obstacle.

Suppose the computer to a ping IP address is eg. To ping, this IP address at the command prompt type ping and press Enter key. The answer to the ping will be displayed on the screen. If pinging is not completed, a failed message will appear, this could be a cable, network card, or hub barrier viewer.

Ping can be done by typing ping localhost on the localhost. This command pings the local host and allows you to see if it is suitable for sending out computer information or retrieving information from outside. It can be seen. This command does not send information to the network, but it does show the network interface card, and can also ping the website using the ping command type ping www.google.com.

ping tool


The tracert command is an MS-DOS feature that is a frequently used network command. So it helps to determine the network problems and breakdowns. This command can be used to see how network packets travel across the network and where they may fail or stop. Use this information to fix problems with computer routers, switches, or other network devices. It was possible. E.g. at the command prompt type tracert

This begins to explore the steps between a computer and a network device. The message “Request time out” appears when the connection is disconnected. If there is a network connection available in the system, the default gateway address and the stage address will be displayed. In this case, the network connection should be checked. Make sure the URL name in the address bar is correct.

The website’s port number from which it is accessed may be incorrect. A port is a logical number that is passed to the computer whenever a network connection is made. By default, the webserver sends and receives data over port 80. If the port design is other than 80, the website may not appear in the browser.

Sometimes when downloading the internet the download will stop and the page reset message arrives. This is because the web servers are set to time out or the connection is closed if no work is done in a given time. When a large site is downloaded, it takes a long time and there is no connection between the user and the server. When downloading, download only one page at a time.

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