HyperBrawl Tournament is Now Available Xbox One

HyperBrawl Tournament is Now Available Xbox One
(Image credit: Microsoft/Xbox)

HyperBrawl is an online multiplayer game where players with the innate ability to channel the mysterious HypwerForce to offer them unique abilities can control intergalactic heroes. These heroes have joined the iconic HyperBrawl Tournament by competing in a number of areas spread out through time and space to decide who will finally become the universe’s new protector.

It’s mixed soccer, American football, and wrestling game where opponents can catch and throw the ball at the goal of the other teams. Heroes can unleash special attacks using the HyperForce or use amazing powers such as the HyperCurve to maneuver the ball in mid-air for some amazing laws of physics-breaking moments. You can customize your heroes in a ton of ways like character skins, and emotes goal blazes, and ball trails. Check out the below video.

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HyperBrawl Tournament is now available on Xbox One and it also compatible with the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console, you can get HyperBrawl Tournament Standard Editon and Ultimate Edition on Microsoft Store.