iPhone 11 buyers will get free AirPods in India from October 17 on Apple Store online

iPhone 11 buyers will get free AirPods in India from October 17 on Apple Store online
(Image credit: Apple India)

Now every customer buying an iPhone 11 in India via Apple Store Online from October 17, 2020, will get a pair of AirPods absolutely free of cost. Apple also mentioned that offer on Apple India’s website, see the above image carefully. This banner in the Apple Store online advises of the upcoming Diwali offer.

There are some terms and conditions that may apply, as stated by the Times of India, and elements that Apple has yet to disclose, such as when the offer period closes. It is also unclear whether any price changes as part of the sales event would also occur.

During the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale starting October 17, Apple’s newly launched online store in India is also expected to introduce an enticing offer, iPhone 11 will be available under Rs. 50,000 (around Rs. 49,999).

For the base model with 64 GB of storage on the Apple Store Online, the iPhone 11 sells at Rs. 68,300 and the AirPods sell at a price of Rs.14,900. So, with free AirPods, this will be the effective price of the iPhone 11 to Rs. 53,400.

Now, during the festive sale means Amazon Great Indian Festival sale, which begins from October 17, Amazon will offer a slightly more discount on the iPhone 11 with the price reductions from Rs. 68,300 to Rs. 49,999. So if you want to purchase an iPhone 11 without an AirPod from Amazon, it’s always better for you to deal with it, because sales can’t wait long.

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