iPhone SE (2020) listed on Flipkart and Starting from Rs.38,900, Here’s Why

iPhone SE 2020 listed on Flipkart and Starting from Rs.38,900, Here's Why

iPhone SE (2020), with some improving hardware and it is powered by a powerful A13 Bionic chip. iPhone SE (2020) has been launched worldwide, but due to some bottleneck in India, there is a problem in launching. A few weeks ago Amazon also listed the iPhone SE (2020), and Amazon has priced the iPhone SE (2020) from Rs.42,500 was kept, but that price is still not visible.

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Meanwhile, Flipkart also decided to list the iPhone SE (2020) and its price is something from Rs.38,900. And at the same time, there is also an offer of Instant Discounts for those with HDFC cards. There will also be a discount of Rs.3,600. An EMI option is also available. iPhone SE (2020) price getting low on Flipkart because of the HDFC discount offer, after you get this offer then iPhone SE (2020) available for your low as from Rs.38,900.

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