LG and Microsoft has developed Cloud-Connected 3D Sensing Camera module

The South Korean-based company LG Innotek partnering with Microsoft to develop a TOF technology-based 3D sensing camera module with Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform program.

The ability to locate the location of objects is a critical feature of scene analysis. The study is simpler and robust when this information is derived directly from a 3D ToF camera rather than extracted from one or more 2D cameras.

For many industrial use cases, 3D cameras are ideal for robust computer vision research with less computation. 3D camera design and production necessitates advanced lighting technology, a comprehensive understanding of sensor levels, and optical design knowledge, all of which are currently possessed by only a few camera module manufacturers.

LG Innotek has developed high-performance and ultra-slim multi-camera modules by integrating its superfine drive techniques and optical technologies. The company has accomplished this through its renowned product design, manufacturing capability, state-of-the-art quality control, and key component technologies such as light source and lens. LG Innotek has developed a leadership role in the smartphone camera and 3D sensing module markets according to these capabilities.

“Microsoft has over 20 years of experience in the 3D sensing field, spanning from pixel to chip, from modules to cameras, from algorithms to software, from characterization to calibration and manufacturing process tunning. This Microsoft 3D sensing know-how was used to build Microsoft Hololens and Azure Kinect Devkit. The Azure Depth Platform program was created to proliferate Microsoft 3D sensing technology and drive large scale innovation via an ecosystem of Semiconductor, IHVs (Independent Hardware Vendors), ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), and SIs (System Integrators) building cameras, 3D vision software & cloud services and business customers. Combining Microsoft ToF depth-sensing technology with the Azure Intelligent Edge and Intelligent cloud platforms is disrupting computer vision applications.”

Daniel Bar, head of business incubation for the Silicon & Sensor’s group at Microsoft, said, “LG Innotek brings world-class manufacturing expertise in complex optoelectronic systems. We are excited to welcome LG Innotek to our ecosystem and accelerate time to market for 3D cameras. This is a key step towards providing easy access for computer vision developers to create 3D vision applications.”

Jongyun Eun, Head of the Optics Solution Product Planning Division at LG Innotek, said, “Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform program has selected LG Innotek as a scaling partner due to its leading-edge technologies and production capability. Our collaboration with Microsoft will enable LG Innotek to help ecosystem partners on new designs and expand the application areas of 3D sensing modules beyond smartphones.”