Adobe Introducing Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Introducing Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Reader
(Image credit: Adobe)

Liquid Mode offers a revolutionary reading experience that makes it much easier to read documents on mobile phones. Mobile content consumption has been a painful experience for a long time, particularly if a document is lengthy and wordy.

Also, new Adobe research actually reveals that 65 percent of Americans find it frustrating; 45 percent stopped reading or didn’t even try; and 72 percent say if it were easier to read papers, they would function more on their mobile device. See the details below:

Adobe Introducing Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Reader
(Image Report Source: Adobe)

That’s the reason Adobe brings Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Reader right built-in, it is the free tool for iOS and Android, as well as some Google Play Store compatible Chromebooks. It will be soon available to desktops and browsers, says Adobe.

It will automatically reformat text, photos, and tablets for fast navigation and consumption on small screens by pressing the Liquid Mode button. Liquid Mode uses AI and machine learning in the background, it powered by Adobe Sensei, to understand and recognize parts of a PDF, such as headings, paragraphs, images, lists, tables, and more. In order to format a static PDF into a more interactive and customizable experience, it also attempts to explain the hierarchy and order of those pieces.

Liquid Mode simultaneously produces an intelligent outline for quick navigation, collapsible and expandable sections, and searchable text. To fit their unique reading needs, users can also customize font size and spacing between words, characters, and lines.

For those who may see the text as too thin, squished together, close, or jumbled, this is particularly helpful. Pinching and zooming are not required anymore with Liquid Mode. Words can be resized and reflowed, images can be tapped and enlarged, and tables can be sensitive.

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Adobe Introducing Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat Reader