‘Little Big Women’ film will available globally on Netflix from Feb. 5

‘Little Big Women’ film will available globally on Netflix from Feb. 5
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Netflix announcing to exclusively stream ‘Little Big Women’ worldwide on Netflix from February 5, 2021. ‘Little Big Women’ is Taiwan’s highest-grossing box office film of 2020, starring Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress Chen Shu-fang and Hsieh Ying-Xuan (Dear Ex), Vivian Hsu, and Sun Ke-fang.

“Based on director Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu’s personal experience, ‘Little Big Women’ tells the story of how a family grapples with and eventually accepts the fact that their recently deceased grandfather was having an affair, exploring how the grandmother overcomes this grudge and learns to accept the other woman. Diving into how a generation of women free themselves from the confines of traditional family values, the film shines a light on how people experience betrayal and pain and ultimately find reconciliation.”

Director Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu explained, “the overarching theme of Little Big Women is ‘the process of gradually putting things to rest;’ I am confident that people from all corners of the world can empathize with issues involving life and death and the resentment and grudges that we experience.”

Chen Shu-fang, who was named Best Leading Actress at the 57th Golden Horse Awards, an achievement that is also notable as she is the most senior actress to have won this award in Taiwan’s film history, shared, “Taiwanese women are best described as persevering and responsible. I am delighted for the world to watch Little Big Women and to show everyone how the Taiwanese woman holds a family together.”

Executive producer Vivian Hsu added, “Little Big Women reminds the viewers through a certain character, a sentence or two, or a particular scene, of the little things that happen in day-to-day life. It touches people with relatability and triggers a genuine sense of warmth deep within the heart.”

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‘Little Big Women’ film will available globally on Netflix from Feb. 5