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People use fresh new formats of resumes for jobs. There are many web tools available today that can give resumes an attractive look. Nowadays many companies have made the Google screening process mandatory in the selection. Where the first page of your Google result increases your employment prospects. That’s why the trend of visual resumes has increased in today’s era, there are some such web and mobile tools that make your online resume attractive.

Resume maker


It is said that to boost your career online, every user should have a LinkedIn profile because the first few results on searching Google are related to your profile which creates a strong network for you and attracts employers towards your resume. You can create your LinkedIn profile today by visiting LinkedIn. And I highly recommended it.


CV Maker

It takes a lot of time on a desktop word processor to create a physical resume, at the same time, CV Maker removes the defects. If you want to make your good resume easily without much headache, then CV Maker is a better option for you because it does not have to go and sign up to make a resume. Just enter your details in the six columns given here and according to your preferences, you have to choose one of the five styles of resumes which can now be downloaded in TXT, PDF, or HTML format and can be shared online. However, there are no options to customize it. You can create your resume with CV Maker by visiting CV Maker.


Employers pay more attention to skill test i.e. skill tests instead of diploma or degree, then some online copies of them are also checked which have to be uploaded. Accredible meets these needs. The upload document not only shows your learning but also reflects your learning process, it can be done by creating a slate and you can organize a related course or skills portfolio. And your ability and efficiency are revealed. You can create this e-portfolio by visiting Accredible.

Image via Accredible


Like CV Maker, it is also a free site to make resumes. In some parts of which you have to fill in some information and by choosing the desired format from the given nine formats, you can make a good resume. And can print it as PDF or Docs. If your profile is on LinkedIn, then it can automatically send your information here. Visit Creddle

You can also create an attractive cover letter on the credential whose nameplate and contact links match your resume. It can also embed your resume on your own site.


Users are always apprehensive about how good the resume is because they do not care to measure the resume. Rezscore is one such free website that takes the services of experts who review resumes and review them at various levels. Although this analysis will not be said to be completely accurate for more traditional works, it is better for more. If you want your resume analysis service for free, this is a better site. Visit Rezscore

Make a Resume using Mobile Apps:

Apart from the above-mentioned sites and links, many mobile apps also help in making resumes on mobile.

Shine Mobile App

This is a visual resume app that shows your portfolio in attractive infographics just like the readout view. Just enter the information and choose one of the four layouts. This resume can be shared by email or sent directly to the printer. Its entire interface is large. All layouts are good and to some extent are said to be suitable for job profiles and help in creating new round resumes. Shine mobile app available on both platforms you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Shine Mobile App
Image via Shine.com – Shine Mobile App available on Android and iOS

Resume Star App

It helps to create a professional CV on your device in a few moments. This is a simple and simple format. Enter your information, select the template, your work will be done. You can export it. You can even print it if needed. In the initial situation, it is free, but if you get a job through this app, you can pay the fee. Download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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