MEGA Cloud Storage Offers Teachers and Students 1-Year Free PRO Accounts During Covid-19


As we know, the MEGA Cloud Storage Platform helps you to securely store and access your content anywhere and anytime. MEGA provides End-to-End Encryption for your files and recovery key chats, which MEGA gives you after creating an account, you can also access your recovery keys in a secure location anytime or wherever you need Eg: reset your password.

The MEGA helps you to secure contact, exchanging files with your friends with encrypted chat, in real-time. MEGA Cloud Storage is available on multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and browser extensions. That will allow all of your content to be synchronized with connected devices. Check out the Official Site.

MEGA cloud storage has declared for Teachers and Students of checked educational institutions free 12 months of PRO subscriptions.
Mega Cloud Storage

Stephen Hall, MEGA’s executive director, said, “MeGA’s encrypted cloud storage and chat offers an excellent basis for continued teacher and student interaction, enabling successful remote learning.”

Most of the educational institutions were closed during the Covid-19 because of the government’s order. In this situation, MEGA provides students with the ability to continue their studies by linking them with teachers and teaching services.

Recently news, a private school in Portugal shared folders quickly and easily to almost 2,000 accounts which facilitated their remote learning activities.

MEGA also provides free PRO accounts to all teachers and students to learn activities remotely through all educational institutions. This would allow them to:

  • Download and exchange single files, or full teaching content directories.
  • Open a MEGAdrop folder that lets students upload their files to their teacher account.
  • Have email, audio, and video chats from multiple parties.

After checking their status, MEGA will offer vouchers, or automatic updates for the confirmed domain, to grant all of their accounts a 12-month free PRO status, including 400 GB of file storage and 1 TB of transfer quota for each account.

To reclaim this PRO account, send their educational institutions to [email protected] for teachers’ and students’ offerings. You can check out the Official Website, or you can buy MEGA Cloud storage plans separately for your specific need.

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