Microsoft Surface Pro X Now Equipped With New Microsoft SQ2 Processor

Microsoft Surface Pro X Now Equipped With New Microsoft SQ2 Processor
Image Source: Microsoft

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Microsoft is updating its thinnest, lightest 2-in-1 Surface Pro X with a new Microsoft SQ2 (previously equipped with Microsoft SQ1) ARM processor in partnering with Qualcomm to design custom silicon to create a powerful mobile PC. Surface Pro X equipped with a new configuration that includes a next-generation custom processor and a new Platinum finish, along with a new app experience with longer battery life and an increase in performance within all Surface Pro X devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro X now provides faster performance and longer battery lids up to 15 hours across both configurations. The Surface Pro X with new configurations starts at USD $1,499.99 for the 16GB, 256GB, and USD $1,799.99 for 16GB, 512GB.

The new Microsoft SQ2 processor is the fastest ARM processor in its class with a new Platinum-finish color option. Also, there is three new color options are available for the Signature Keyboard: Platinum, Ice Blue, Poppy Red, with the same configuration includes built-in storage and wireless charging for the Surface Slim Pen.

Microsoft also made Microsoft Edge faster and announced the new version of Microsoft Teams which is optimized for Windows on the ARM platform. Also, Microsoft expanding support for running x64 apps with x64 emulation, which will be rolling out to Windows Insiders later this year.