Microsoft Launches new Xbox Wireless Controller in Stunning Pulse Red

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Last year in November 2020, Microsoft launched three new Xbox Wireless Controller in three different colors options, which includes Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Black. And Microsoft just introduces the new Xbox Wireless Controller in stunning Pulse Red color option with a vivid, fiery-red top case and crisp, white back case.

The Matte black triggers, bumpers, and hybrid D-pad decrease slip for greater control against sweaty fingers and thumbs, while a textured dot pattern keeps your grip locked in on the triggers and bumpers. For a more intuitive gameplay experience and seemingly immediate action, Dynamic Latency Feedback delivers controller inputs to Xbox Series X|S more often.

You can custom map the controller’s buttons, including the new Sharing button, just the way you want using the Xbox Accessories app. Set the Sharing button to capture screenshots, start/stop recording, or even record what just happened, then share with friends and followers your best, worst or funniest moments right from the console dashboard or Android phone with the mobile Xbox app.

Microsoft Launches new Xbox Wireless Controller in Stunning Pulse Red
(Credit: Microsoft and Xbox)

With the built-in Xbox Wireless radio, you can wirelessly connect the latest Pulse Red controller to your favorite gaming consoles, like the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the go, you can also wirelessly play on Win10 PCs and Android devices with Bluetooth Low Energy for remote play from your console or cloud gaming.

The controller remembers multiple devices, so you can switch between previously attached devices easily and smoothly while connecting to your console or PC via USB is also an option.

The new Pulse Red controller features a 3.5mm stereo headset jack to plug in for a truly immersive gaming experience and a USB-C port to play & charge with the Xbox Rechargeable Battery, as with all new Xbox Wireless Controllers.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller – Pulse Red will be available for $64.99, and it will available from February 9, 2021, it will also available in Xbox markets, as well as local retailer stores.

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