Netflix Allow You to Add a PIN to Your Profile


Netflix has marketed numerous options for parental control features. Parents can now monitor this function by adding a PIN for a profile to prevent access to another’s profile.

How to set up parental control or PIN?

You will go to the account settings and scroll down to the parental control and profile portion. You can trigger the “Profile Lock” function here, but you need to enter your password and add a four-digit PIN to set up parental control.

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Parents can monitor the profile operation of children or administer it from the Parental Control Panel. Netflix has added an alternative, you can also turn off autoplay episodes in kid’s profile to delete individual series or movies by title. You can set up a PIN on the Netflix website, or on the mobile application.

Netflix has used a filter for children’s accounts that is focused on country ratings, so the experience of their kid filtering out titles won’t extend to their age.